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Wow youve got fat!

Ok so I've been hiding all Xmas just coz it's cold but after a walk to the shops I bump I to my neighbour! Not even a happy new year nothing I get 'wow you've got fat' got nothing to do with the fact im 22 weeks pregnant just that I'm fat! What a joke! Well even though I spent the rest of the afternoon in tears it's made me more determined! Yes I'd love to see the weight go down but if I maintain I know I'm losing something for when the babys here! Sorry for the rant I'm just a little peed off :-/
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Just doing it this time
cheeky neighbour - should have said yeh and you've got uglier !

Good luck - and congrats on the baby - won't be long.


Plodding on.......
How rude. I'd like to think that he/she didn't mean it and was just commenting on the fact that your pregnancy is more obvious but it really is none of their business. However I know how hard it is to ignore those kind of comments. So allow yourself a little time to be hurt and then get back on with the job in hand ! You have made the commitment to do something about it (even while pregnant) which is brilliant. Hopefully your neighbour will be as quick to comment about your losses in the future too !

Gail x
How rude!
Congratulations on not saying anything rude back to them!
Let the stress out and move on. You're doing a fabulous job. X
How very rude!!! I would actually make a concsious effort now not to talk to them! When they ask why... say how it made you feel!!!

Chin up hun xx


Back to basics
Horrible isn't it!!!! people just don't think, when i announced my pregnancy my neighbor just patted my belly and said well didn't like to say i though you'd just got fat! this was at 12 wks and i'd been real good and not put on any weight!!!!

Its other pregnant people as well, there is a woman at work who is further on that me (i'm 30 weeks now) and every time she sees me she says ouuuu you're so much bigger than me!!!!

Just try and remind yourself that they aren't doing it to be spiteful, its just that for some reason when you become pregnant people seem to think they have the right to tell you what they like, its the same as the guessing the sex, constantly patting your belly with no permission and butting in with advice thats not needed grrrrr for some reason pregnant people are public property!!!! Ok my rant is over :D chin up, soon you'll have the most beautiful baby in the world

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