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I am so pleased with myself, hubby is upstairs sleeping off a hangover so I have just made my boys a sandwich each and I was not tempted not even slightly oh my god I am so pleased with myself.

I hope I can keep this frame of mind all through xmas.

Sonkie :D
Brill Sonkie, Keep it up girl x
Hi Sonkie,

Good to see you in the zone:D This is the magic time, don't let go of it.

Love Mini xxx
Well done Sonkie.

You'll find times like that, other times your chatterbox will appear.

I will send positive vibes that your chatterbox stays in a state of comatosis.

Keep up the good work :)
Thanx guys Im so pleased with my self cant stop grinning,.....well until hubby got up, moody bugger...he may as well go back to bed .....I hope

Well done. I do admire anyone who has to cook or work with food and do a VLCD. I am so lucky to have not had much to do with it while on LL. I leave everyone to fend for themselves (all big enough and daft enough :rolleyes: ) and only cook occasionally for guests.