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Hey all!

I lost 3 and a half lbs this week - in my 4th week!

ive struggled with my weight for years going to different clubs and trying out different diets and nothing worked for me until this!

i am finding it so easy to follow the plan
and i dont feel like Im missing out on anything as I always had before.

I started comfort eating with candy when I was in highschool, as I was always being bullied because I am autistic.

Only when I left school - the eating did not stop. I tried to stop many times but I always failed miserably because I made excuses not to do it, like saying that I am happy with how I look.
Looks have never been at the top of my list anyway, what I look like doesnt concern me as long as I am happy with my clothes (usually Stars and Stripes/ US flag clothes, or my Statue of Liberty costume.)
In my Statue of Liberty costume, I do feel it would look a whole lot better on me if I was thinner, and that is one of the things that is really spurring me on with this.

The main thing spurring me on though, is knowing the fact that the size of me alone is disabling me. Making it hard for me to do certain things, like trim my toenails or put socks on, and when I go to theme parks I worry if I will fit in the seat.

I went to a theme park just yesterday (Blackpool pleasure beach) and one of the rides ALMOST got me chucked off because they couldnt lock the bar down.. (the Bling ride) But i took my coat off and tried again and it went down! JUST! with a park attendant pushing down on the bar and a 2nd one coming and stamping on the bar with his foot....!!!

I am very glad I had already lost some weight before I went there!!

I also know how much losing 13 lbs has helped in other areas, like in the bedroom - lol
It really spurs me on to lose more!!
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Hi covkirst

Yes I have aspergers syndrome.

So many people dont know what it is, but they seem to know what autism is so i put that to save people asking what aspergers is lol
i have aspergers syndrome as well.i was diagnosed wen i was 13.i was such a naughty child at school that my mum took me to see psychiatrists an that.wen were u diagnosed?hows ur diet goin??
i was age 21 when was diagnosed.. it all made sence after that - and when i read about it online, and chatted to fellow aspies!

i jus had another weigh in - I lost 4.5lbs this week!

over the ten weeks ive been doing this, i lost 28.5 lbs and got my 2 stone award tonight - and slimmer of the week too!

I helping another member who is a big girl like me, cos shes struggling and it is spurring me on that i am able to offer support to her.

we are going to do some walking, cycling and swimming together, and we are both writing our food diaries down this week to swap to eachother next week

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