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Wrigleys Extra???


has started again!!
Hi! I have not been around much lately as trying very hard to deal with my own demons, re food. I am still going through a binge/purge thing, much as I am ashamed to admit it, and I so much want to break this. I had thought I was dealing with it, but it seems I was wrong and my "bad" self was just being masked..

Any way, I have chatted to my LLc at length on this one, binging not purging, and am trying to sort myself out.

After yet another "session" yesterday, I gave myself a good talking to. It does not make me happy, in fact it makes me feel bl**dy awful. Apart from all the mind stuff, I also think it was down to the basic fact that I was not allowing myself to get back into the "no hunger" zone that ketosis gives you. I was giving myself a gap that was far too long between packs, or even missing my packs (such as breakfast) then being absolutely starving and thus binging.

This morning I have had a pack, yummy banana with some coffee in, mixed up in my Kenwood Frothie, and a litre and half of water. My question is this....

I know that gum is not allowed on these VLCDs, and I understand there is a slight chance that using it can either increase hunger, or knock back ketosis. I have searched Minis and read many of the threads on this one. The decision I reached is to try using Wrigleys Extra to put me off putting the food in my mouth in the first place. I have always been helped by using gum on previous diets, as the chewing seems to satisfy me. (I do actually find gum chewing quite revolting and would probably stop once ketosis os well and truly back in place..) Does anyone have any knowledge as to whether the gum would actually prevent ketosis in the first place?

Also, am I just compounding my own problems by going against LL official advice? I so want to complete this diet and have wasted enough time and money over the past few weeks. I am not quite ready to thow that towel in just yet, but I want this stage over asap!!

Thanks everyone.

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Sorry don't know anything concrete, depends how sensitive you are to the whole ketosis thing, some people are extremely sensitive and anything will kick them out of it, even tabasco, I've been lucky and stayed in ketosis with the odd naughty addition. I would not recommend any newcomer to try it but after doing the LL for all these months the chewing might help. Having messed around for the past couple of months myself, I'm back in the zone and ketosis feels so much better! Keep going whatever it takes, the time and money wasteing hurts but I put a positive spin on things by looking at my box of extra foodpacks as a backup for after management. Take care x
If you don't ingest the gum then it shouldn't affect ketosis.

BUT it will almost certainly make you more hungry so I would try and avoid it.



has started again!!
Thanks to both of you. I used one piece of gum earlier today and so far so good. I def dont want it to become a habit tho, and I agree with you Mike, that it may well eventually cause the hunger I am seeking to avoid.

Today I have managed to bake, and am in the middle of prepping a roast dinner for my two children, as OH is away in Scotland for the next two weeks. It feels odd just cooking for them, but I cant expect them to live like I do!! (LOL)


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