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Writing everything down

Just wondered how everyone keeps track of their points? Do you write EVERYTHING down, do it from memory, keep it in your calculator or what?

I personally write everything down and last night reinforced why I absolutely have to. Was writing down something Id just eaten when I realised I seemed to have a lot of points left. Then I vaguely remembered scooping something off a plate with my finger tip and finishing off 'something' But what something?

I swear I spent 15 mins working it out. Checked the fridge for clues, looked in the cupboards everywhere. Came back in and like something out of CSI examined the plate for clues lol

Then I remembered, Id had a bagel, cream cheese and salami - 4.5 points! THEN I remembered Id had a yoghurt while I was waiting for dinner - another half a point!!

Thankfully I was still well within my points range but it was a real shock to realise that potentially I had forgotten about 5 points in one day!! :eek:

Just reinforced to me how easy it is to go over the points every day and totally screw up your weight loss.

When my mum was talking about what she eats in an average day it seemed fine til she remembered shed finished off my dads chicken goujons, oh and had the remnants of my nieces lunch, my mum is a total picker lol Not that youd realise it to look at her - she looks amazing :) She wrote everything down for several days and was shocked at the extra she ate lol

My trusty old notebook is now firmly at my side again :)
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Have to agree, i write everything down. It's amazing what you forget otherwise!!!


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(laughing at your CSI inspection)
completely know what you mean! I have a filo fax thingy that goes EVERYWHERE with me and I write down everything I eat in it (have to - like what happened to you - I would really forget...)
I have a ww journal and I write everything in there - couldn't do ww without it, it's a godsend!
Oh you should, I love mine! There's graph in the front so you can track/see your weigh falling every week, plus I get to write my weight loss in it at the end of every week, and there's also a bit to record measurements in too (which I wouldn't even have bothered with if it wasn't in there, lol). I love it!