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Writing Off today!


Bring it on!
I weighed in today and lost 1lb. No shame in that, and it meant i got my 1 and half stone award. I was aiming for more but 'cause i was poorly and then haven't eaten properly, and then had a big pasta dinner the 1lb was all that went. Despite knowing this i have gone in to self-destruct mode for some reason! I have had a large portion of chips and a fishcake for lunch, and an Alpen light for a snack, and feel [email protected] now. Only solution is to be sensible for the rest of today and get back to EE this week i think.
No idea why i did it, and felt stuffed after about a dozen chips but there was no way i was wasting any!!

Rant Over!!
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put the bad days behind you and concentrate on your slim future. i think the hardest thing is recognising you need to stop being in 'self destruct mode' and move onto the next day
I think 1lb is a good loss. I pretty much always seem to lose 1lb, but if you think about it over a longer period of time it adds up to be quite a bit. I think 1lb a week = 3 stone a year, which is a good loss!

Maybe see the lunch as a little treat and get back on track by making a SW friendly dinner.

Good luck


Bring it on!
Thank you both. i plan to have yogurt and fruit for dinner (damage limitation) and i've planned my meals for this week so hopefull will bounce back..probably didn't help that next week is *week either!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
You won't have done much damage Chuffy! Just draw a line underneath it and you'll soon be back to normal. Congrats on your award!
You've lost so much already I am sure that little treats now and then can be a good way to keep motivated and keep your body alert and working hard - as long as you don't stress about them afterwards! Treats are also often called for in * week I find, so don't be too hard on yourself :)


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Don't let it get you down! You've put the brakes on, you know it's just a blip, and that's the big difference between the old you and the new you. You don't have to get it right 100% of the time, just getting it right over half the time means you're always on track.

The odd portion of chips is nothing to feel guilty about. And that alpen light was positively virtuous! Feel good about managing to control your cravings sensibly, don't feel bad about eating what amounts to a perfectly respectable meal!


Bring it on!
Got on the scales this morning and have dropped 2lb since yesterday! It was that darn pasta then! Feel ready for the challenge now, bring on the pasta and sauce and mugshots!

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