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Wrong n right time to have shakes???

Hiya girls and boys, i was just wondering what time every1 has there shakes and if every1 spaces them out evenly over the day?? in the morning i tend not to want 1 so i dont end up having my actual breakfast shake till about 2pm, and then i have my dinner shake about 6.30pm and and last but not least my tea shake around 9pm, do you think this could harm my weight loss in the long run?? shoould i be having them at the right times eg, 9am/12pm/6pm?? would this make for better weight loss, i am planning to stay on tfr for another 6 weeks:p:p so i want to sort this out now, thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu:D:D
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Don't think it makes much difference, last time round i had them all different times, sometimes not having my last one til midnight.
During week have them about 10, 3 and 7 as busy with school runs etc, but weekends it usually 9 12 and 6 as thats when the rest of the family eat


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I have and had mine when I get up as breakfast then lunch at 1:00 - 1:30 then tea at 6:00

I make sure I have breakfast cause of the kickstarting your metabolism in the morning and I gave lunch at lunch and tea at tea to keep me in the mind set that this is when I should eat when I'm off the diet... ie. Lunch time at lunch time and then Never eating tea after 7pm

Hope that reads right pmsl x
yeah Im thinking like Amanda, training myself to eat at 'normal' times for when Im off tfr, 8,12 and 6 x
Thats actually a good idea. Part of what got me into this mess was not eating till i was hungry then just grabbing what was closest to me! Think I will try to do the shakes at family eating times from now on!

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It won't make a difference to losses. It dies help establish better eating patterns if you have them roughly at breakfast, lunch and dinner times. Personally I had one first thing in the morning then another at five and the last one at eight thirty. I drank lots of tea coffee and water through the day.


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decided to have mine at the times im going to eat after lt so 9,2,7 x


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I hav mine around 1pm, 5:30pm n 9pm.
As it's the evening where i crave food!

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