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WW and breastfeeding - help needed


I have been doing WW for 2 weeks. I am a breastfeeding mum and my baby girl is 3 months old. I am exclusively breastfeeding so have been a little worried about losing weight just yet, however so far so good. I have lost 7lbs already and she seems just as happy and I feel fine. Are there any other breastfeeding dieting mums out there?

I hope I can keep this up :)
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I'm not breastfeeding (my son's 21 so it would be a bit frowned on by now) but wanted to say hi and welcome anyway - sounds like you're doing really well. Baba will be fine as long as you are eating enough to keep her sustained and you obviously are.

Hope you hear from some other breastfeeding mums x
Hiya, are you going to meetings or doing it alone. I know there is a choice when working out your points for breastfeeding mums so it should be fine as long as you definatly make sure you keep up your points allowence and dont try to undercut it. If you are at a group i would talk to your leader she will probably have come across the questions in the past and have the answers :D
Thanks guys. I have an extra 10 points added for her. To be honest I do not use them all up (i have about 26 when I should have 32) but 26 seems more than enogh for me. Maybe I can sneak in the odd bar of chocolate to make up for it ;-)

I am not at meetings yet (on maternity leave so money is tight) so I am going alone at home. I might start meetings in a few months if it does not work as well as I want it to but so far so good.

Aiming for 2lbs a week so nothing too drastic. Besides, I don't think she really needs junk (excess crisps, cake and chocolate!) which is what I was eating before ;-)
Hi, i thought you got a few extra for breastfeeding, i really would try and use them though, they are allocated for a reason. I agree having food your not hungry for seems silly ( i never have that problem lol ) but why not try just for now, not having the lower calorie versions of some foods, that way your points will be bumped up but you wont feel your eating extra just for the sake of it. Well sone on your sucess so far :D
Really use your points up :) i have a friend on ww whos bf and is loosing weight too ith it.

You must use them up though as your breastmilk needs some serious calories to feed your baby and you need the good nutrition too :)
Thanks for the replies. I think I will try and use them up from now on. I just don't feel hungry for them but I am sure I can find a way ;-)
Thanks for the replies. I think I will try and use them up from now on. I just don't feel hungry for them but I am sure I can find a way ;-)
I did WW whilst breastfeeding. I didn't stick to it for longrer than 2 months at the time so still really need to lose weight.

It is really important that you do eat all your points. You need those calories in order to keep your milk supply up & healthy. I know it can feel hard going but try & have a few higher point foods. It's important for your health & your babies.

Well done on the breastfeeding! :):):)
So I have another question for anyone that may be able to help me. I have been doing WW whilst BFing for 8 weeks. I have now introduced a couple of bottle of formula a day as my supply is not enough for her anymore. Should I reduce my points now by 5? I usually have 10 for her but assume I now have to reduce by 5 as I am no longer exclusively bfing.

Any input would be great.

Thanks x
Thanks guys. Yes, it has been very hard. I have never had enough for her and she refused the bottle for weeks. FINALLY she will take a bottle and now my life is easier. :)

I don't mind the reduction of 5 points actually as I never really ate my full allowance properly. So now I have 27 points which is roughly what I have been eating anyway. Just means less snacks ;)

Thanks guys x

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