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WW Bread

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by mistyme, 10 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. mistyme

    mistyme Well-Known Member

    Hi all, I bought some WW sliced brown bread, (400g loaf) been using it as HXB, its says in book you can have 3 slices of WW brown danish(400g loaf) or 2 slices of WW Wholemeal bread (400g thick sliced)it doesnt appear to be either of these, been having 2 slices to be on safe side, just wondered does anyone know which bread Im talking and should I just stick to the 2 slices?
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  3. Donnie46

    Donnie46 Slow but sure....

    2 slices of the WW thicker wholemeal bread (for toasting) is a HEXB - (this is the bread I always use) - but you can have 3 slices of the WW malted brown danish bread for a HEXB too.

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