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WW Calculator, Inacurate???


Still Climbing That Hill!
Hi i have been eating toses little cans of WW tuna and various dressings, on the can it say's 1 point but when i put in the calculator it comes up 2 points now i know there isn't a vast difference but sometimes i have a couple of these cans a day!

Can someone calculate it in there calculator please as mine is off a link i got sent.

Calories 7.5
Fat 2.0
Fibre 0.3

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Still Climbing That Hill!
Hi Starlight,

Yes sorry it is 75 calories,
is the sat fat, fat of which saturates? sorry im not much good at this, if it is then it's 0.6



Still Climbing That Hill!
According to my Calculator that makes it 1 point :)
Thanks Starlight, that puts my mind at rest, im a terrible worrier lol, mabye im going to have to invest in a calculator as the one in the link defo say's 2.

Thanks Again

you need to put in kcals and sat fat into calculator not the total fat, if the product does not give sat fat then half total fat and use that xx

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