1. eastybeasty

    eastybeasty Full Member


    sorry if this is the wrong place to be posting this/ I was wondering what everyone's thoughts and opinions on the WW ready meals are? I make pretty much all food from scratch but was wondering if it'd be worth buying a few of the ready meals to shove in the freezer. Anyone got any favourites? What are the portion sizes like? curious :D
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  3. vgstar44

    vgstar44 Full Member

    I used to keep the odd one in the freezer incase of emergencies but I have stopped now as to be honest they don't fill me up. I bought those mcain smiles frozen baked potatoes add they work out at 3 points and I find them better for quickness. Either with tuna mayo or loads of dry fried mushrooms and philly.

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  4. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    I like the ww meals for convenience now and again but find them to be on the small size although quite tasty.

    The Bisto meals are also good on points (eg chicken hotpot 8pp) and they are slightly bigger portions.

    Overall you can't beat cooking some of the ww recipes though in my opinion. They are low in points, very tasty and great portion sizes.
  5. eastybeasty

    eastybeasty Full Member

    thanks :) yeah thats what i thought, theyd be quite small. i ended up buying the lemon chicken risotto before i saw these answers, think when i do have it i'll have some broccoli n salad or something as well just to give me more to munch on :)
  6. scoobysue

    scoobysue Silver Member

    Hi the Asda low fat range of freezer meals are only £1 and vary between 6-9pp and are quite a bit bigger than WW. Quite tasty too. I use them for work regularly. Also the Low Low range but I'm not sure who makes them.
  7. eastybeasty

    eastybeasty Full Member

    thats good to know, thanks! I'll need to remember my calculator next time i'm in asda. not sure bout the frozen meals but i noticed on some tesco soups they have WW points on them, handy!
  8. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    The be good to yourself range in sainsbury's also have ww pp ;)
  9. eastybeasty

    eastybeasty Full Member

    thanks! I'll need to remember that, rarely in there but if i am I'll look at their stuff. had my WW lemon chicken risotto last night, wasnt overly impressed, wasnt that lemony even with the addition of lemon juice and didnt have much flavour even after more salt and chilli powder! It was an experience tho, had it with broccoli and corn on the cob so it filled a hole at dinner time :)
  10. Featherhat

    Featherhat Full Member

    Tesco Healthy Living ready meals have pro points already on the pack and are usually between 6-9 and so do the Marks and Spencer's Count on Us range. Both are better than the official WW meals IMO, when you need a meal in a hurry or for convenience at work etc.
  11. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    It's good to know about the M&S meals having pp value on them, thanks for that!
  12. Letzes

    Letzes Full Member

    I bought WW lasagna yesterday and it was pretty good. The pack has 350 grams and is for one person and has 7 points.
    It filled me up and, to be honest, it was better than most frozen lasagnas that I ate before (and with only 7 points)!
  13. BRUNTY554

    BRUNTY554 Full Member

    I love the ww meals either frozen or chilled

    mu favourites are chicken and spinach lasanga, chicken hotpot, lemon chicken risotto and chicken and mushroom with potato top

    i always bulk them out with plenty of veg but I know the points so don't have so worry about portion size or weighing. They are surprisingly tasty too

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