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Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by Safia, 2 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Safia

    Safia Gold Member

    Hi everyone I'm thinking of joining WW but just need someone to clarify something. If i join online and do the monthly pass than will i get the WW books when i go into class or will I not get any as i joined online and just incase i don't get enough time to do my monthly pass tomorrow before i go to the class can i get a monthly pass from the class and pay using my debit card and not cash? x
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  3. Missa!!!

    Missa!!! Silver Member

    I think you can pay for monthly pass by card hun. Maybe you could call the consultant first just to be on the safe side.

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  4. Safia

    Safia Gold Member

    There seems to be no number there for her mmm. x
  5. Missa!!!

    Missa!!! Silver Member

    I'm pretty sure when I joined a class in early 2013 they had a card machine as they always pushed for people to buy the monthly pass and I told them no. Maybe give customer services a call. I hope you get it sorted x

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  6. The Caretaker

    The Caretaker Silver Member

    Hi Safia, can i ask why you are wanting to join WW?
  7. Dan8317

    Dan8317 Full Member

    You can pay using your card in class for a monthly pass then all you have to do is register it online so that you can have access to the app etc.

    Also if you buy your monthly pass before you go to class you will need to print it off and take it with you but make sure it's a monthly you sign up for an not ww online as this is online access only and not group attendance. You should also get the books when you attend group as you still will need to register your details with you leader and then they will explain the plan to you. Not sure though if they're only giving the simple start out for the first two weeks then the rest will follow. Hope I haven't confused you

    Good luck
    Dan x
  8. x Lulu x

    x Lulu x Silver Member

    I bought the monthly pass online but i cancelled the direct debit as the would have been taking it out again after 2 weeks.

    I asked in my meeting yesterday if i could buy my next monthly pass in the meeting and the girl who takes the payments said no. I did notice a card machine and wonder what that was for.

    I think i will send my leader a text to clarify x
  9. mrsgosling3

    mrsgosling3 Gold Member

    I help at our classes and there should be a card machine that can be used for transactions over £5. Monthly pass is cheaper to buy in class and you have a week until you need to activate it if you can live without the tools online. Paymebt then ahould be 4 weeks after you activate it

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  10. x Lulu x

    x Lulu x Silver Member

    Thank you.

    Would i be able to keep paying every 4 weeks rather than setting up a direct debit x
  11. DanielleOD

    DanielleOD Full Member

    I believe from having done monthly passes before the money comes out about 2 weeks before the current one expires to allow time for the payment to clear and the card to be sent to you in the post. I am not aware of you being allowed to keep buying one at the class as mine have always been by direct debit.

    Hope this helps :)
  12. Safia

    Safia Gold Member

    I can't get to my normal slimming world class and found it really difficult to stay on track by going to different groups every week. My weight has yo yo'd since having my daughter in july and right now i am the heaviest I have been so after doing a bit of a search I have a WW meeting on a sunday which means that i can attend a group and get the support i need because i cant do it from home. Hopefully WWs werent be too hard as I used to have to control my portions during sw aswell otherwise i didnt lose the weight x
  13. Safia

    Safia Gold Member

    Well thank you everyone for the replies i didnt end up going today as i took pity on my husband and let him have a lie in but that wont be happening next week. I think I will pay for it at class next week but also call their helpline and ask them. In the meanwhile need to get rid of the crap and write out my shopping list before i start next week x

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