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WW or SW?

Sw is easier for me as with ww i didnt really change what i ate, i just ate less of it and felt hungry. Sw has made me make much healthier chioces so eating more fruit and veg. Plus there is less measuing out with sw!
I prefer SW but theres not much in it, they're both just about educating yourself to eat healthier diets and both have awesome success. I think you just have to pick one and stick with it rigidly. My best mates family lost mummy: 7 stone dad: 4 stone daughter: 3stone son1: 6stone son 2: 2.5 stone on weight watchers in a year so it definately works - and i was shocked watching them have pies and chips and nommy pasta bakes etc - theyd just have to spend points wisely :)

If you're the kind that literally cannot live without the food they love - rich hearty synful meals then id go with WW - sw is all about changing what you eat, making it taste good and having loads of it.
I found ww is best for me as a) guves u portion control b) more freedom esp when eating out c) can earn extra points by doing activity
I've tried both but have to say that SW works best for me, as I don't have to count anything, apart from syns. If I were to do WW, I'd definitely do the Healthy & Filling plan, as opposed to counting propoints.
I have tried both and got to target on each of them,you can eat out on both choices it's about choosing wisely....losing the weight is not the hardest it's keeping it's off ?

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Starlight said:
I totally disagree with the being hungry bit. I did WW and hand on heart was never hungry. It's all about being sensible with your choices

WW is a fab diet no matter how much you have to lose
I think I'm just greedy & made unwise food choices lol. I like sw because I can eat so much fruit! I love sugary stuff :)


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I think I'm just greedy & made unwise food choices lol. I like sw because I can eat so much fruit! I love sugary stuff :)
I did WW years ago and I think this is what happened with me. I wasn't making the best choices with my Points, but I also wasn't doing anything to try and change it. If I were to do WW again I probably wouldn't be as hungry.

That being said...I not going to change from SW right now, as I really do like it.
As was said previously I think SW is great if you've got 'more to lose'. Weight watchers I've found has given me a boost for the last 2stish. Xx
I've reached target on both SW and WW and they're both great plans.
SW is great because there's minimal counting and weighing and it allows you lots of freedom in terms of portion size, choosing unlimited free foods to fill up on etc. However it's not as good as WW for eating out or on the go - you can grab a sandwich on WW and just point it for example which is v difficult to do on SW without blowing your days syns.
WW also limits your portion sizes which is great if you have less to lose and need to be much stricter in terms of your food intake.
I would say they both work and are good plans, it's just whatever suits you at any given time.
Good luck choosing!

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