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WW or SW

I have tried both over the past 6 years and to be honest never really got my head round either.

I lost all my weight years ago on Rosemary Conley but find her too restrictive now I have more weight on.

I weigh 17st now and need to lost 6st and I really want too.

I am going to join either WW or SW this week.

I like the idea of SW as fruit is free and carrots etc as I do get bored/hungry while I am at work. My worry is that I might over eat on rice/pasta on a green day and not lose weight.

My worry with WW is that I have more to eat at lunch one day if I fancy a sandwich from M&S but have no points then for my tea.

Where I get confused with SW is is have a prawn & Mayo sandwhich from M&S, can I count my bread and prawns as choices and then just the mayo as syns? Same as ready meals, are they all a syn or can you split it down to ingrediants.

Would appreciate any help. Not sure if to post this on the SW board too.

Sarah :confused:
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if you think SW is going to be easier for you then post on there and ask them about your concerns..

as far as i know SW requires you to take heed of your portion sizes so if you dont think you can control those then WW might be easier for you.. though im sure if you ask on SW they will tell you ways of making sure you keep to sensible portion sizes.


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I've done both and I think WW is better for me, on SW I just ate too much free food on either day and it was harder for eating out.
With WW I know I can eat anything I want, in any combination, but have to point it. Plus there are some v low point things when you are hungry.
Its whichever way works best for you I guess


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i liked sw cos of the free foods but found i got bored of eating them after a bit, i love mushy peas but by week three the thought of them made me gag lol

I've tried lots of plans but i always end up back at ww
Thanks very much for the replies.

I wanted both sides of the coin and appreciate everyone views.

I am going to read these in more detail and check out some recipes and weekly plans on both.

I will post back when I have decided.


WW everytime. I found SW much too restrictive but in fairness the new programme sounds better. I learned nothing about portion control though.

I love that nothing is forbidden on WW and that really keeps me on track. Its not the end of the world, or my diet if I have a bar of chocolate. And if youre eating out you can find the points value of almost anything :)

WW new programme is geared more towards healthy choices.

They both work, its just a case of which suits your lifestyle better
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I'd say have a look and a search on the forums to see if you can find an idea of the kind of 'free' foods on Slimming World. If you look at those foods and bear in mind you can eat as many of them as you like as much as you like without restriction ('there's no such thing as too much free food' being a favourite Slimming World mantra!) or thinking about weighing and counting and messing - then do SW.

If you feel that you want to eat chocolate and crisps often but know that, in doing so, you'd have to restrict other foods - do WW.

No foods are banned on either diet, it's a myth that foods are forbidden on SW. They do encourage positive, healthy choices of TYPES of food (and not the size of portion or the amount of times you eat it) which, for me, has long to a long-term healthy strategy not only for loosing weight but keeping it off.

If you stick to the rules - both diets work. Those who like unrestricted, healthy foods and never going hungry should perhaps try SW. Those who need help with portion control and/or want to eat more unhealthy foods more often in small portions and don't mind counting, should perhaps try WW.

We're all going to bat for our own team, I'd say given the stories and fabulous successes that I've seen week in, week out at my group: go for SW.

I couldn't be bothered counting all the time! Food should be a small but important part of our lives, not something that requires a total sum in our heads all day, every day!
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Like most people, I have done both and lost weight on both - they work if you stick to them

Pro's and cons for me are:

Slimming world - eat loads of food so never hungry BUT weight loss slowed due to not controlling my portion sizes (ultimately there has to be a calories in/calories out equation with any diet)

Weight watchers - freedom to choose what I eat - which, in order to stick with my points and not feel hungry does tend to be healthy foods (which are very low in points) but does give me the flexibility to splurge. For me it mirrors real life more - being careful most of the time but with the occassional splurge - downside is that I have to pay for fruit with points and I love fruit! You get used to the points values to count them up

Its swings and roundabouts really - personal preference rather than recommendation as we all like our own diet corner.

Good luck whichever you choose.