WW Pitta Pizzas


S: 15st10lb C: 15st3lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 36.6 Loss: 0st7lb(3.18%)
Hi everyone, I'm new :)
Just wanted to share this recipe - something I made when I had loads of family round for dinner and I didn't want to feel like I was eating 'different' food.

Pitta Pizzas & Squash Chips

Use either one or two pittas - use one sliced in half for thin base style or two for thicker base style (ww white pittas)
Tomato puree
tin of tomatoes
50g half fat cheddar
wafer thin ham
salt and pepper
butternut squash
tsp. olive oil
pinch of sugar

Cook out a bit of tom puree in a frying pan with some garlic (i use lazy garlic) for a minute or so. Add a pinch of sugar, add the tin of tomatoes and simmer for 20 minutes. I blitz mine after that but leave it chunky if you prefer. season well.

Spread the tomato sauce over the pitta bread.
Cover with grated cheese, sliced onions, mushrooms and ham. (I dry fry the mushrooms for a few minutes first)

Put in a hot oven for 6-7 mins til the cheese is melted.

For the chips, peel a butternut squash, chop off the fat end from the thin end and scoop out the seeds. cut into chip shapes. drizzle with the tsp. of olive oil and season well with salt, pepper, and cumin seeds if u have any. Cook for 35 minutes in a 190C oven.

PP values: for 2 pitta pizzas + chips = 11
pitta x 2 = 6
ham = 1
mushrooms, onions, tom puree, toms, b squash = 0
low fat cheese = 3 (matchbox size serving does two pizzas)
oil =1

for 1 pitta pizza + chips = 8
as above but minus 3 for the pitta.

(I dont really count the sugar as the tomato sauce is such a big batch theres barely any in each serving - freeze what u dont use and have it over chicken, wholeweat pasta etc)
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