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WW the best thing ever for my diabetic hubby :)

I want to say how proud I am of my hubby today (not to say I'm not proud of how far I have come but...) I just feel like shouting it from the roof tops

He is diabetic (and was around 18stone 1-3lbs) and was told about 6-8 months ago by the nurse, that if he didn't watch what he was doing he could be on insulin in less then a year rather then years to come. Then he had some problems with his shoulder (Rotator Cuff Injury) and one thing led to another and he ended up seeing one of the new doctors about his diabetes (rather then the nurse who seemed to just up and up his pills and not be the best with advice) Anyway changing from the nurse to the doc has been fantastic..

She told him in August that the next step for him was insulin, meaning if he did not improve by the next time he saw her, then the needles were coming his way, and his next appointment with her was yesterday so he had less then 2months to change or else. She also told him some of his pills were on the wrong dosage and has been a great help all around

Well we decided to go back to weight watchers, cause it seems to be the only thing that works for us. Yes we get the people saying, 'why pay someone else to weight you can't you do that at home on your own scales for free' but some people no matter what you tell them about the advice your getting while there and handy tips, will never understand. It works for us, and that's all they need to know..

Well this time was it, he had his appointment for the doctor set for the 4th of October and he was determined to make a difference.

We have both been eating less (still eating all our points though) He doesn't moan anywhere near as much about eating less chips or more veg in the food. We are going for more walks, and spending time on the Wii fit + (especially good for those days when its raining but you still want to do some form of exercise)


This is what he posted on Facebook yesterday

""Just got back from doctors and had some good news she was really pleased with my weight loss and my HBA &1C levels (3 monthly blood sugar levels) are in the zone required down from a dangerous 8.1 to 6.1, she also reduced some of my tablets so things are looking better""

I have not seen him that happy for a long time (even with the killer pains in his shoulder at the moment)

I was there with him at the Docs, and it looked liked her jaw was gona hit the table when she looked as his blood test results on the computer.. Really proud of him, knew he could do it....

WW has certainly changed our lives for the better, Its not just a diet its a life style change, and it teaches you, new ways to do things like how to not eat as much but still be full, what to eat and what is to much to eat, and what things help sustain you for longer, and being weighted weekly has motivated us to see lower numbers on those scales each week...

I nearly cried at the docs yesterday, cause I was always worried about having kids and then Matt having a heart attack or having something bad diabetic related happen to him, and me being left alone with the kids, now I believe he would be there to see the grand-kids or even great grand kids, and I just wanted to let everyone know

Forgot to add he has lost 20.5lbs in 6weeks)

Sorry for going on but without my hubby I don't know what I'd do... He's the best..
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That's Brilliant news! it's also great that your both on the journey together and help eachother along. Good Luck and well done to Hubby!
That's Brilliant news! it's also great that your both on the journey together and help eachother along. Good Luck and well done to Hubby!
Thanks, I didn't mean for my post to be so long, but like others he has struggled with his weight and I think that has been a major factor in him being diabetic in the first place. (I have struggled with weight too, or why else would I be here)

Is just so amazing what Weight Watchers can do to your brain and how it can change how you think about things, to the point that it helps my hubby get the results he did above...
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Those are amazing results, congratulations to you both!
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That is absolutely brilliant news, well done to you and your hubby :D
Super well done to your hubby and to you for your fantastic support. I totally agree with you ww has changed my life this time since they pushed the simply filling I've not comfort ate in 7 months but had for 22 years I was 17st 4 when I started and scared for my health.

Wii fit is great isn't it fun with exercise :)

Super well done to you both xx
Thanks everyone for the supportive replies:)

Yes size102b the Wii is fantastic, spent so much time on it last week, don't know how I fit it all in :)

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