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WW vs Homemade?

I'm just wondering what most people prefer to have? Healthy home-made or weight watchers ready meals? :)

I think that the WW ready meals are really nice and an easy way of keeping track of the precise amount of points eaten. However, home-made are more tailored and are good for a change but I find it hard to calculate the exact calories and often end up deducting more points to be safe.

So, I tend to have a balance between the two which seems to be working. What does everybody else do? :)
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TBH, I opt for homemade because I find some of the WW branded food is rather expensive & with both my husband & I following PP it works out a lot cheaper to make a batch of a dinner we like and freeze a few portions.

A few weeks back I made a big batch of chilli using the old points system and I froze about 3 days worth and the points were less and 4 dinners for both of us only cost about the same as 2 frozen meals.


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Homemade food has to be better for lots of reasons, and eventually you are going to have to deal with making food yourself rather than relying on packaged meals.

So the sooner you get into the habit of making your own healthy meals the better, and getting used to the portion sizes you should be having. I use Tubits to portion up my food and freeze it, i buy them in Tesco, a pack of 8 for £2. They will go in the top basket of the dishwsher so can be used over and over.
Before I started this diet I always had home-made meals, never ready meals or takeaways. But, this is the first time I've ever dieted so I am kind of looking for low point meal ideas from WW. :)

Do you guys have any ideas? :)
If you go on the recipe thread there are some great ideas for low point meals - the 0 point soups are great, make big pan and freeze some, have a big bowl with some crusty roll and its lovely especially on a cold night like tonight. Also the chill and spab bol are great little fillers - enjoy making and tasting them.
Well if I make spaghetti bol for example for the family I use extra lean beef and instead of me having the pasta I put 2 large flat mushrooms in the oven then put the mince on top then have it with salad. Same for chilli. Or I do a chicken casseroley thing on the hob. Dice up onion, lots of carrots, some stock and the chicken then tea spoon of mustard and low fat creme fraich. I have that with green beans and cabbage. So really just healthy stuff with no extra oil etc and I try and cut carbs at tea time. For lunch I have 2 slice of ww bread and ham or chicken with salad and instead of spread I have Philadelphia. There's lots of good recipes in the booklets you get at the meetings. I made the minestrone soup one last week and it was delicious!! Good luck with your cooking. Chinese stir frys are good too and quick. X
half in half for me,,if kids having something that is not point friendly i'll have a frozen meal,,most of the time i have homemade but it's great to have something in the freezer for emergencies,,and there still only €1.25 here so my freezer is full of chicken hot pots,,i love em:D
I like having WW meals at work - one less thing to worry about and for times when my OH is away like this week which is a rare ocassion but is the case this week. I must admit I am starting to prefer the taste of homemade stuff now but for a lazy evening they're perfect :D
WW meals always seem to be quite unhealthily made but just very small. You can make way bigger, more filling, meals for fewer points yourself which seems odd.
They are useful to keep in the freezer for those times when you can't be bothered to cook thus saving you from takeaway but, as said above, they are also quite pricey
i love the chicken hot pot and add broccoli and green beans,,lots of sauce in the hot pot and it smothers the veg,,,mmmmmmmmmmm,,there only filling if you add veg to them:)
I work mainly backshift so when at work I take ready meals with loads of veg, however always have homemade meals with the oh when at home x

Had the ww beef hotpot the other night at work with 2 aunt bessie yorkshire puds, loads of veg and extra gravy, was yum!
Home made is always best but I do have ready meals a couple of nights a week just to have a break from cooking. Lunch is always home made except on Fridays when I tend to buy something out (just had Pret humous salad which was yummy for 10pps). I do not find any problems pointing home made using the tracker, some scales and the recipe builder.
Ooooh, thanks for the advice guys. :)
I've never been a fan of ready meals and always opted for healthy cooking, but it's difficult when people in the house are having something different. I'll give them recipes a go during the week! :D

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