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X Factor disappointment

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I am very disappointed the twins did not get booted out of x factor tonight, if i had something in my hand, I would have thrown it at the screen. I thought x factor was a singing competition after all!! Having said that, Kandy Rain were getting on my nerves too!!
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irish molly

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Have to agree, I cannot stand the twins. They should have been booted out, anyway, there is next week!!


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haha gotta have a giggle about it though! As annoying as they are they were quite entertaining!

Cant stand any of the groups!


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I thought the twins should have gone as well, Kandy Rain by no way the worst

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i had to turn off the telly wen they were on i really cant stand them they make me angry haha!


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Twins X Factor

thought the twins were very entertaining
, much more so than Kandy rain
It is a singing competition but also we need to be entertained
They have tamed down a little and after all they are only 17 and have feelings!!!


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X Factor

forgot to say my favourites are Lucie, Joe and Miss Frank, dont like any of Simon's acts
hope Danni or cheryl win.
tought week for Louis with Stephen Gately r,i,p,
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i cant bear the twins, or kandy rain so glad they've gone. also dont like lloyd or rikki - gotta be lucie, stacey or olly for me i think! love miss frank too and jamie but dont think he's right for x factor - if only there was a rock type version - and bring back sharon o! cant bear dannii! and was sooo cross at what she said to danyl, but seeing as apparently he's not upset i'll get back in my box :eek:
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Oh let me tell you!!! grrrr!
I liked Kandy Rain! ok, they're kinda rubbish singers n=but in a weird way I think they're good role models for women. They've been exploiting their sexuality by choice not having it done to them. they were completely unafraid to go for X Factor -even knowing they're not great singers. And knowing how ppl see them as ex-strippers. I didn't want them to win though. lol

I am now starting to feel sorry for JOhn and Edward -yes they're annoying litle brats but they are only 17 and they've faced down all the negativity. But truly..they need to go! The weird dance thing they do that shows how incapable of dancing they are -god it makes me sick! lol

My faves are Simon's three but I do like Lucie and Stacy and Rachel too.

Dannii's comments? RRRAARRR!!! I don't think she was intentionally homophobic but it was horrible to watch. Bullying -thats all pure intimidation. GRRRR!!


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Join the group on facebook 'We hate John and Edward', they've got loads of members! lol


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I cant believe that as mothers ye are all so negative towards 17 year olds. Talk about danni being a bully, take a look at yourselves you are doing the same thing only hers was the spur of the moment yours is intentional
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But Carlos, if the twins mother actually listened to her sons sing, she would not have let them go on!! I think that is the only point we're all making here. I, for 1, am not slating them because of anything other than the fact they can't sing, can't dance, and some people do find them entertaining, I am not one of them. We are not bullying them, I for one think they should be in some different kind of reality show. I think it would be the same if they are 17, 27 or 37, the fact is, they can't sing *very well*. As for Dannii, I must admit, what she said didn't really bother me much, it doesn't matter to me what Danyl was, I don't really like him very much either, but he has got a pretty good voice! The twins must have realised going for this competition they are leaving themselves open to exactly what is happening. I consider them to be like marmite, either you love them, or hate them!!
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I think thats really cruel! Ok theyre not great singers but they dont deserve anything like that

Yeah, they might get on some ppl's nerves (mine included until saturday)but I wouldn't join a hate campaign!! They're only kids, brave kids into the bargain. I'd actually like my kids to be so self confident so their parents have done a great job in my opinion.

Oh the shame of of us all!! BULLIES the lot! LMAO


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I'm not a fan of them, but I agree they shouldn't have been put through. They can't sing and they can't dance. They might be nice kids but they come across as hyper prats? Louis only put them through to pi** off the rest, but he's exposed them to ridicule and a level of media hatred they don't deserve. I think they did pretty well at the weekend, but they don't have a hope in hell of winning what is in effect a talent show, they simply don't have the talent.
Their parents are probably proud they got through, and were probably equally horrified at the level of abuse they've got- but it's too late to do anything about it now. Poor kids.


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I must say I agree with Black rose
she has very valid points about the twins
People are so horrible with this hate campaign cant believe they are so full of hate towards 2 children
If they get on your nerves ignore them dont waste your emotions on hate


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I love Strictly rather than X Factor. It's so elegant and I love all the good manners and the live music. When I'm a more manageable size I'd love to have a go at ballroom dancing! On Saturday I saw X Factor later (I kid myself I have to watch it so I know what my pupils are talking about at school) and thought it was just a baying mob screaming through some fairly poor karaoke acts (except Lucie - she was great and has a beautiful voice).



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Hmmm, I agree they should have never beed put through. Think it was an attempt by Louis to take the p*** as he didn't want the groups again...let's be fair they are usually pretty rubbish...so we should all be blaming him.

Now if they really were nice kids! then I would agree with the people who are defending them...but, back in the auditions they deliberately drowned out one of the other contestants & then were shown laughing in the background...it was not something that nice kids! would do, although she protested, they got away with it & she got kicked off...really nice kids...not!

Simon will keep saying these things for a few weeks...he knows what he is doing, he does it every time. I'm sure he is loving all the talk & opinion...really boosting the ratings for his show after all. In a few weeks time he'll decide that they really mustn't win the show & start to say how much they've improved & some nicer things, so people will stop voting for them, job done! The same thing happens every time!!

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