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Xencial :)

I'm new here, I've read lots of things on Lipotrim/Xenical/everything here. I work in a pharmacy, so im aware of all the things you can do to lose weight and I even run programmes for Lipotrim, and have many people doing very well on it. I've never been big on Diets. I fall off the wagon so fast, and dont punish myself for it, so it's always 'okay' if i have a jaffa cake/insert other yummy thing here. When i'm not on a diet, I can eat and do well, but as soon as i think the word diet, i'm opening a tub of ben and jerry's faster than you can say the name. :D haha.

I went to my GP to ask about Orlistat* (Xenical) on 28th August. I was given 2 weeks supply from my GP after he weighed me, took measurements etc. So everything was talked about, and i was given a prescription for Xenical. So i left that Friday, and decided to start them on the Monday 31st. I made an appointment for 2 weeks after, to see how I got on.

I cut out fizzy juice, i drank mostly tea and water, and ate the same sort of foods i normally eat. I didn't do ANY exercise other than walking to work/from work the first 2 weeks. I went back on Friday 11th September. 11 days after I started taking XENICAL, I had lost 10kg since the first weigh in. Yes, 1st 7lb!! I took xenical only 2 days the first week, and the 2nd week i took them 3 times a day like i should have. I'm so.. amazed. I kept telling my dr. to "shut up, really?" I dont feel like i've lost that much, but it's came off somewhere. My clothes are a little bit looser but it's weight off, not on, so im happy!

I had a holiday from work last week.. and went swimming or walking everyday, one or the other. Since 11th till now, I've lost 6lb's but i missed a few days of the capsules as i spend most of the time with my boyfriend, who always makes sure i eat.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my success.
I've lost 1lb short of 2 stone in under a month. :)

Obviously, I am excersizing now, cause i dont want to be left with lose skin or anything. When i first when in to the doctor, i told him not to tell me my weight, just to tap it into the computer! but on the Monday before I started, i had to look at my weight to see what i'm gonna NOT be anymore. lol I'm not as heavy as i thought I was, but still. I had to see my weight to make a change~ and the weight would only get better.

So I hope everyone is doing okay on it. I know there can be side effects, but in the first 2 weeks, i had chinese, and some other bad things, and still lost weight. I've not experienced any side effects that come with the medication. A friend of a friend, has had the orange stuff, and even flatulence. Has anybody on here had any of the side effects, or anything else?
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Hi Soush

Wow, what a loss, you must be very chuffed!! - congratulations!

I have the farts big time, poo'd for England on Saturday (first time I have ever had side effects and i have no idea what it was) may have been alco plops lol...

Anyway, welcome and we look forward to your journey...

Julie x


gunna be a fatty for ever
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wow wel done hunny!!!

welcome to minis !! keep us posted


Go on smile! =)
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Welcome to the xenical family! 2stone in a month is uber :) Dont loose it to fast or i wont like u hehe x
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What a great start well done


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Well done I am hoping I get somewhere near the same results too it would be nice ;-)

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