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Xenical advice please

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Hi all

I am hoping someone could kindly give me advice on xenical please, to cut a long story short I have a bmi of 33 and have tried every diet under the sun over the past 2 years with some small success but am hopeless at sticking to anything long term! I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries in October last year and that does not really help with weight loss either. For the past three weeks I have been using an online food diary and am sticking to a set amount of calories and fat grams each day and finding this quite easy to follow and am determined to stick to this long term and gradually the scales are going down - 4lbs so far, my question is this, would it be worth me trying xenical on top of what I am already doing?, I know xenical gets rid of a third of your fat intake but would it make a big difference if you are following a low fat and calorie control diet anyway? I currently only have approx 50 grams of fat a day at the moment. Sorry if this seems a silly question but I dont really know too much about xenical but I am seeing my doc next week and am keen to get some info before I think about asking to try xenical.

Also are the side effects really bad? I know you only really get them if you have too much fat but I have to travel 2 hours on a train each day for work and am a bit worried, do you get any warning??! lol:eek:

Thank you
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Hey Watto, I guess there is no harm in asking for xenical even though you are already eating a low fat diet. Xenical is really there to keep you on track and scare you into eating healthy!! So if you think it may help you then ask for it.
I stopped taking xenical for a couple of months and stupidly ate everything in sight, so for me xenical is like a miracle pill coz when I'm taking it I'm good and the weight comes off.

As for side effects, I have never had any ever so I dont know about them.
But from what I have read some people get a warning and some don't, it just depends on the person. I think they can happen straight away and up to 72hours after you have eaten something you shouldn't have.
Don't let it put you off though, alot of us are doing fab on it!

Claire x
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Hi Claire

Thanks for your reply about xenical I am going to ask my doctor if they will prescribe it for me when I go next week and go from there, if not then I will just stick with what I am doing as it seems to be working slowly but at least the scales are going down this time rather than up!

Well done on your great weight loss, have you noticed a big difference in how you feel and energy levels? I have 3 stone to lose at the moment and am hoping as the weight goes down I will start getting some energy back, fed up feeling sluggish and everything an effort!

Must admit I am a bit nervous about the side effects factor and glad to hear you have not had any problems I guess the only way I am gonna find out is if I ask for them next week and see how my body reacts with them!


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hi watto27

i just wanted to say that i tried these pills about 2months back and had to stop after 2weeks cas of the bad side effects, i dont want to scare you but ask the doctor about all side effects
You say you have a bmi of 33, as xenical is for people with a bmi of over 30 then if you have a nice doc then they should prescribe them for you if that's what you want :)

I have found that with my weight loss I have loads more energy and that's awesome coz I wanna exercise more which leads to more weight loss!

Yeah as for side effects, different people will have side effects with some foods where others wont so it's either trial and error or just don't touch certain foods such as eggs and oily fish as xenical can't tell the difference between good and bad fats.

Even if you don't get/ decide not to take the xen then carry on doing what you're doing, you'll reach goal before you know it.

Claire x


gunna be a fatty for ever
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Hello hunny!

Welcome to minis

There are soo many horror stories about this drug and its a shame really as its really good! Please dont let any one scare you so much you decide not to take them! The only way you will have side effects is if you eat too much fat! If you stick to the 5% rule and have no more than 15g of fat per meal you should have no problems!

Its defo worth a shot! If it helps you shift a few extra lbs!

Let us all know how you get on!

Lots of love

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I have been on them for jusy over a week. Like yourself I have polysistic ovaties and chronic asthma. I have lost 6lb in this short time, and the plus side was just a headache for the 1st day, no other side effects at all. Give them a whirl and let me know how you get on.

Take care Dawn xx
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Hi everyone

Many thanks for all of your replies, much appreciated, you all seem to be doing really well with these tablets, Nabeela sorry to hear you had a bad experience with them, good luck with your weight loss journey.

Great to hear you have more energy Blue Butterfly, thats what I am hoping for as the weight comes off, the thing is putting it on was such a gradual process that I hardly noticed! I met my boyfriend four years ago and weighed just under 11 stone, nights out, drinking, takeaways on the sofa, meals out etc saw me putting on a pound here and there and before I knew it here I am at 13st 7lbs and feeling lethargic and knackered and too tired to excercise!!

Amersham congrats on your 6lb loss thats fantastic in a week! sorry to hear about your asthma and pcos too, did you find weight loss was very slow with the pcos before you started the tabs? for me the weight does come off but at about half a rate of someone without pcos!

Well ladies sorry for my ramblings! I am going to ask the doctor on Tuesday if I can try xenical and see how I go worst ways they are not for me and I have to stop taking them best ways I start to lose the extra poundage!! will keep you posted


Claire xx
S: 13st0lb C: 13st0lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)

Sorry didnt want you to think I had missed you out, glad to hear you are doing really well with the tablets, your piccies look fab! xx

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