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Xenical and slim fast??

Hey girls
Hope everyone is doing well?
Sorry I only seem to pop up once in a while for advice but doing so many extra hours at work etc I just don't have time.
Its the final 5 weeks till my holiday now and although I am shrinking I'm not really loosing much weight!
I'm struggeling to find things to eat and work and binging a little when I get home,so am thinking of doing 4 weeks on slim fast with the tablets.Just to give me another little push before my holidays
Anybody done this and would it work ok?

many Thanks cdg xx
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Hi I'm doing ultra slim (same thing) and so far it seems to be working, the only thing is i do get hungry in the atfernoon even if i do eat fruit i wont know for sure how well they are working until a week on monday, but my scales have said i have gone down.


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hello my lovely!!!

take it from me... you can do it! and lose weight, but i couldnt have done it without exercise... and mini's!!!!
you do get hungry, but if you chose wisely when it comes to your hundred cal snacks then you should be fine...
try find things super low in cals, (for me it was raspberries and strawberries.. i would eat a whole punnet throughout the afternoon and it would be less than 100 cals)

if you need advice, feel free to pm me. or ask any thing you want :)
Good Luck!


Violet is shrinking
how much water do you drink? i drink 1.5 litres min a day,i take it everywhere with me, and it does stop me from feeling hungry :)

could you fill a tupperware box with fruit and take it to work with you to pick out of?


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well im a fully commited 3-5 (yes 5) litres a day girl. it more likely to be 4ish. but never less than 3!


Violet is shrinking
OMG! Kes, i bet you pee all the time lol... i suppose you have to drink that being on cd?

i have a min of 1.5 a day and the most 2 and a bit litres. ive been drinking more and more lately as ive stopped the tea a bit. asda have a poor collection of water,they do 2 flavours of volvic,ive stopped having the orange as the cals were too high,but my mum went shopping the weekend and picked me up a perfectly clear heavenly cherry flavour,and its yum! :)


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have you tried the sugar free squash. i used to get the double strength....
ive always been a big drinker... (not alcohol lol) so im used to having loads of water.

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