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xenical and slimming world

Hiya i have been prescribed xenical but stopped taking it because I'm trying to get pregnant. When I was taking it kept me on the stright path because if i strayed and ate anything bad i would suffer the nasty side affects. If i wasnt trying to get pregnant i would definately take the xenical with slimming world diet because I am eating a lot less fat now then when i was trying to do my own dieting. Xenical works differently for everyone so it really is worth a try and could mean you lose those few pounds extra x
How much were you losing when taking them?

I was prescribed xenical by the doctors about a year ago, i done weight watchers at the same time.

The r really unplesant and make u run to the toilet alot! even when healthy eating i found that i would rather not be on the toilet constantly and lose weight naturally, so i stopped them after a few months.

But i suppose everyone is different..

i have not heard a positive thing about them.....healthy eating all the way in my opinion!!!!!

It may be slower, but must be better than adding drugs to your body>?

Only bad thing that i think will happen in regards to xenical and sw is that some foods thyat maybe fine on sw might have a high fat value and react with the tablets so you may have to be careful about that. I used to react to fried eggs mainly x
I have read loads of posts about these & people having some really unplesant & embarrasing experiences!

I personally would stick to SW100%, you will get there. Theres some amazing people on here who have lost so much, they are really inspiring :)
My doctor gave me these before I started SW so had some less than desirable effects.:rolleyes:

He told me to try them again recently to help with SW so I did for a month but really saw no difference with and without. I don't bother now, saves me the prescription money at least.:D
I was given them by my doctor , to be honest didn't lose a pound on them . I got after effects once after a BBQ but I felt bloated whilst taking them. Admittedly I wasn't doing slimming world at the time was loosely following Rosemary Connelly which is low fat). How much did you lose when you didn't follow SW whilst taking them ? I have to agree with the OP , I would rather do it naturally.Hope whatever you do works and you soon get the chance to be a mum.
Hope whatever you do works and you soon get the chance to be a mum.
I'm already a mum lol, I'm sharing my eggs so someone else can use them and be a mum :)
I stick to SW quite well, have only gained 0.5lbs twice since starting. I'm hoping the xenical will boost my losses a little bit.
I am just finishing a month on Xenical - I went to GPs asking for Gastric Bypass referral following advice from Diabetic Doctor and my GP put me on these for a month, am going back to see him on Wednesday as he told me to return in a month to see about the referral if these didn't suit. I have suffered bloating, wind, tiredness and occasional oily outbursts :0 - the first week combined with SW I lost 1 lb, week 2 was the same, week 3 I strayed a bit off plan and maintained then this past week I came off plan for anniversary etc and gained a lb. For the amount of symptoms I had I will NOT be wanting any more of these EVER AGAIN!
Good Luck - I hope they work better for you.
I had these a long time ago but when I was dieting under my own steam and not doing SW. I found my losses slowed up significantly while I was taking them. As soon as I stopped, they speeded right back up again.

SW is a naturally low fat diet anyway so it seems a little pointless to be taking them - what fat you do eat you need as part of a healthy balanced diet - but if you do find your losses are slower while on them its something to consider...

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