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Xenical etc. possible link to liver damage


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i've read that article and TBH, morbidly obese people and obese people are at risk from liver/heart/respiratory problems anyway...losing weight can only help the situation.

I certainly wont be worrying over this,


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Hear hear I totally agree with you

The drug would not be on the market if it had not had extensive testing and this is the only report around.

Carrying an extra 100 pounds and all the problems that creates is far more dangerous.
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I have read the article:confused: and am on the prescribed version no the alli. i read the book of words with them :confused:and uncommon side affects are diabetes, hepititis, inflamation of the liver, heart probs, panceatitis and some others. it warns people with excisting problems to avoid taking this medication. realistically half the stuff that is a low risk is a risk assosiated with obesity anyway for me the benefit out ways the risk:rolleyes:. it said in the artical about 24 deaths:confused: well that is low concidering how many people take it and we arn't told whether there were any other underlying problems:confused:. i will keep going and i am being monitored by the dr. :D:D

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Can only reiterate what others have said.

Extract from the article:
Since Xenical became available in 2001, 24 patients taking it have died, one of liver failure and the others from heart attacks, gall bladder inflammation, multi-organ failure and lung clots. There were also five cases of sudden death where the cause was unclear.

These deaths could have happened anyway without taking the Xenical as these people were probably obese. That's the risk we (obese people) all take with our lives.


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Yup. I'd rather take my chances on Xenical.


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i felt really good that i was losing weight, but then along comes a spanner to go in the works!!!
there is always a risk taking medication and you have to weigh up the pros and cons,
i think that the future problems i could have if i dont lose weight will be as bad as any that orlistat could have.
hopefully no-one will suffer any problems!

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