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Xenical help needed please


I'm a little confused, ive started Xenical yesterday, after taking Alli for a month, and i'm confused about daily fat allowance, calories & also what is acceptable for meals etc.
I cant seem to find the info anywhere, and also the website is pretty rubbish at decent info.
Do i have the same amount per meal as i had on Alli? I was have no more than 19g fat per meal & 1800 calories a day?
Can anyone help or steer me in right direction?

Many thanx

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Hi Sophie and welcome to the big bad world of Xenical. The general rule is no food that contains more than 5% fat, that is no more than 5g per 100g, and then no more than 15g of fat per meal. Stick to that and all should go well for you. As for calories, it is personal preference what diet you follow with Xenical, Weight Watchers or Slimming World etc and the amount of calories you need depends on your height/weight etc. Have a look at Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal | MyFitnessPal.com, here you can track your calories and it will tell you how many you need. Good luck with your journey, we are all here to support each other so any questions you have, just ask.

KB x
Hi Sophie,
Xenical is stronger than Alli, so you're allowed slightly less fat; 5g per 100g of food, and no more than 15g per meal.
As far as calories are concerned, that depends on your current height/weight and how quickly you're aiming to lose weight. I aim for 1500 a day, but that's flexible depending on what I'm doing.
Red recommended a good website called Myfitnesspal.com, you can join for free, input all your details and it will you roughly how many calories to consume to lose weight at a certain rate.
You can also do a food diary on there and track all the food you're eating each day. It even works out the fat content for you :)
I only signed up to it a couple of days ago, but it seems quite useful.
Good luck with your weight loss journey! x
You beat me to it KB! :D :D :D
Spooky that we wrote almost the same thing!
Ha! Maybe we are the same person and just don't know it?
Does that mean we can combine our weight losses for even better results? :confused: I could do with a helping hand :D

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