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Xenical info for New Starters!!..

Just wanted to put up a thread that may help new starters understand the tablet more...

The 5g rule?..

You should stick to foods with 5g or less of fat per 100g of product , sounds hard but its surprising how many things you can actually eat.. and if your like me you will freak when you see just how much fat the foods you used to eat actually have *gulps* LOL.. and you should stick to 15g or less of fat in total per meal , again it sounds daunting but its not so hard.

Side effects?

People always asking about side effects and why there havent had any?? remember xenical isnt a miricle pill its just to keep you on the straight with your diets.. if your sticking to the above rule ^^^ then more then likely you wont get any side effects at all. but please remember everyones different and certain things may give you trouble when its fine for the next person.. im afraid most things are trial and error.... Salmon is a bad one for me because xenical cant determined bad oils from good so just gets rid =[.. lol.... and on the otherhand if your eating badly then you will have to deal with the side effects.

How long does xenical take to work..

Again everyones different but from my own and friends expieriences id say its approx 5-7 days to get into the body so dont be disheartened if you have just took your first pill and nothings happened .. good things come to those who wait =]


is it important? YES! .. ive noticed that people on xencial that are not as active lose between 1-3lbs a week but those that are more active loose more .... so even if its cleaning or walking exercise is a must with these pills.

anything else just ask and ill try answer for you =D.

So if your new to xencial or even just this forum welcome. Everyone on here are really supportive so please jump in and get to know us.. We have monthly challenges together that we do as a team.. we voted on the team name MICASA SUCASA. which means my home is your home.. so with that come jump in and chat =D.​
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:flowers: Thanks a million for doing this thread for us! ;)

:worthy: You seem to be doing brilliantly!! Congratulations!!

Everyone seems lovely here!

I think I get the 'jist' of how it works! (i hope)
your welcome if theres anything else then just ask , i may not know the answer but someone else might so post =D..

and thankyou... it still amazes me that ive come so far :)

Very useful thread Kiira.
Good thinking Batman :clap:
Let me get this straight...you've lost 5.1 stones on 4 months!! That is about 5 lbs a week. Amazing. What have you been eating? How many calories per day?
Thanks so much!


'this time i'll do it!'
thanks for the post, its good to re-read the rules and make sure that you are following it properly.
in regard to the exercise, how much do you do? im planning to start the gym tomorrow and do 1 hour cardio/fat burning and then 1 hour swimming before hitting the fire and ice room. i want to do this at least 5 times a week,
do you think this will help me lose weight quicker and tone up,
i dont know much about exercise and possible results
im planning to start the gym tomorrow and do 1 hour cardio/fat burning and then 1 hour swimming before hitting the fire and ice room. i want to do this at least 5 times a week,
do you think this will help me lose weight quicker and tone up,
I would imagine the answer would be YES! Exercise plays a huge part. Swimming is great, I've gotten into it myself lately! Also started doing aquafit which is fab!! Have a class tonight!

Last week, before I began Xenical, I had started to cut down and started swimming a few times a week and walking more, I lost 5lbs, and that was without Xen so fingers crossed!

Goodluck with it ;)
wow u have dun brill, i have been on xenical since december and have lost 2 stone so far, along long way to go, but i do also have an underactive thyroid so that not helping, i have been getting really disheartened as i expected to of lost a lot more by now, but i guess any loss is good, have decided to really get goin from this week even bought my own scales dunno if thats a good thing tho lol x
i have been on xenical since december and have lost 2 stone so far,
Like I said in your other thread, 2 stone is great! dont knock it! At least its coming off!! Thats easy for me to say though as I'm only starting out and if I dont have a good lose at my weigh-in on 30-06-09 I'll prob be very dissappointed :break_diet: But the way I look at it is, no matter how slow it comes off I'm just gonna have to stick at it! Have faith woman... you'll get there! ;) & CONGRATS on the 2 stone!!

have decided to really get goin from this week even bought my own scales dunno if thats a good thing tho lol x
Good stuff!! GOODLUCK!!

I dont have scales, dont know if I want them, I'd be tempted to jump on them every day LOL Think i'll leave my weigh-in til my doc appts each month! :rolleyes:


'this time i'll do it!'
i think 2 stone is great, id be happy with that, just keep it up you are doing great.
i have an underactive thyroid too and its hard to lose weight, but it will shift eventually.
i have just started to exercise so hopefully this will help my weight loss.
yes as stated 2 stone is great :p..

hope you guys are okay. x


Queen of the Damned
Piink Punkstarr,I hope you don't mind but I have copied your original post and closed it as a sticky at the top of this forum. It's incredibly useful and I think people who have been prescribed Xenical but been given no real information on it (like myself :eek: ) will find it invaluable. :thankyou:
yeah noo worries =D glad to help xx
Thanks for this page! It's fab! Started xenical myself this morning, hoping to lose around 5lbs this week as have ALOT to lose! I'm currently 254lbs and hope to get to 126lbs so 2lbs over half my body weight to lose! Pink Punk Star -you're my inspiration! What diet have you been following to lose your weight?
Awww hey girlies , im not inspiration lol.. but thankyou..
i have just been following the xenical 5g rule and portion control.. i dont eat bread or red meat just chicken or fish like tuna.. veggies , salads, and i go gym daily.. theres no huge secret its all about motivation..

welcome to the forum girls if you need me drop me a private message as i dont use teh forum much at the mo XD

How do you send private messages??
sorry -new to site! thanks for that Piink Punkstarr, I intend to follow your rules too! except I couldnt live without bread! so i've bought myself WW seeded which says it only has 49 cals and 0.3g of fat per slice so doesnt sound too bad to me!

Sorry if I'm asking too much, my doctor didnt give me ANY information with the tablets,just said read the label, i thought i had a good diet day yesterday for my first day, had no embarrassing side effects (apart from a rumbly tummy-wasnt hungry, so really odd, just put it down to the tablets working!). This is what I ate:

Breakfast: 2 weetabix and skimmed milk - cals: 127 Fat:0.8g
Muller-light yogurt - cals:110 Fat:0.1g

Dinner: Pasta with tomato and basil - cals:290 fat: 10g
Salad of lettuce, grated carrot and grated red cabbage

Followed by:
A sandwich of sliced chicken:

2 slices of weight-watchers seeded bread - cals:98 Fat:0.6g
((49 cals 0.3g fat per slice))

2 slices of chicken - cals:64 cals Fat: 1.6g
((32 cals 0.8g per slice))

Salad bowl with lettuce and beetroot and 1 ladle of devil sauce - 56cals / 2.3g fat
Wholemeal Bread roll - 140 cal 2.3g of fat
Grilled chicken breast, peas and jacket potato - 575cals / 5g fat

Total Calories for day: 1350 cals
Total g of Fat for day: 22.7 g

I know your not my doctor/diet coach but you seem to be doing so well yourself! Does this sound ok? And i did 30mins on the treadmill (powerwalking) and 15mins on the cross trainer.

Love to know if this sounds on-target for a good weight loss for first week

Thanks for all your advice so far
Hey chick!
i think your meal were ok but id suggest swopping the "peas" for more veggies like brocolli sweetcorn carrots colliflowers and peas lol.. the more veg you eat the better and it has basically no fat in it anyways...

fruit and fibre is good , if you get bored of milk try it with natural yogurt its weird at first but tasty... i make smoothies with nat yogurt and fresh fruit some days too.

Eggs are a no no they have a lot of fat in them..

i love the muller yogurts =).

id suggest not having pasta and bread in one meal slot thingy as they are both carbs ..and also the wholemeal bread roll and jacket potato.. these things are carbs yes low carbs but id suggest maybe eating them not so close to each other or have a lil more veggies to fill up and less bread... but thats my opinion..

your fat should be below 15g per meal your fat seems to be a lil low but everyones bodys react differently to these tablets so all i can say is keep going as you are and doing the exercise and see how you feel.. dont forget to snack on fruits and low fat snacks to keep you from wanting to raid the chocolate jar as i used to at the beginning lolxx

im here anytime dont worry xx
Thanks hun, that's fab - I was worrying about the two lots of carbs together, myself to be honest, but its hard thinking of everything at first isn't it! Still trying to concentrate on keeping the fat low. I was surprised at how easy it was to have things low in fat, so then i started to panic about carbs! lol! i think i will take a look at my carbs over the next few days, try to fill up on veg and protein (chicken, tuna etc - as like you, i dont tend to eat red meat!) maybe it'll increase any potential weight loss as I see to be more of a carb person rather than a fat-eater ne way! so once im happy with checking fat content in everything i'll move onto improving my carb intake. Feeling positive!
You really an excellent help and a real inspiration - I hope I lose as much as you have and remain as positive and motivated! Out of all the people on this site you have really jumped out at me!
Just a quick question, have you ever considered surgery? I'm considering it, it just feels so much easier when i look at how much i have to lose? How do you keep motivated?

A few more questions then if you don't mind??

*I noticed you seem to do ALOT of exercise!! I'm far too lazy! lol! how do you get motivated for exercise and how has this helped your weightloss?
*How much do you tend to lose per week?
*Do you count calories too? How many do you allow yourself?

Thankyou its a great honor to be singled out but i am far from anything special everyone on here works just as hard and im in no way better then anyone but thanks you made me smile *hugs*

right i think your doing a good thing concentrating on fat content...then assesing other things , one step at a time is by far the best way to go because if you take too much on at once you will fail and thats not good..

To be honest when i was 23 n half stone i went to the doctor and cryed my eyes out i was so depressed i said i wanted bypass surgery as i didnt want to live anymore... she was kind but firmly turned me down and said that as i was so low id need to bring my depression up a bit before id be considered (due to the operation causing depression anyways).. at the time i was so hurt and mad and felt fobbed off... i couldnt understand how i was supposed to get happier when i was so horrible (in my eyes)... but infact its a blessing she turned me away..

i spent that night crying and shouting at everyone close to me... then the next morning i woke up and something snapped inside of me .. i started walking along the seafront .. at first after ten minutes i was tired.... but i kept doing it .. walking everywhere.. one walk a day became 2 or 3.. and i felt more posistive... i joined a gym and never looked back.. i go everyday and do at least 3 fitness classes a week on top...

I wish i could give you a secret to motivation but i dont know it , all i know is when it finally happens its better then anything in this world.. wen you realise that you are worth more then you ever felt before you start treating yourself and your body with respect..there was a week i couldnt exercise as i torn a ligament , and i only lost 3lbs a week... when i exercised i could loose anything between 3-5lbs sometimes more.. now my weightloss is slowing down due to loosing 7 stones lol.. but im still doing well considering and i wont give up , neither should you. i dont count calories as i have always only counted fat content... some people count both.. i stick to only fat its less complicated and works for me.

But about surgery.. id say its a last resort method only.. too many complications.. if you can change your lifestyle and eat healthy then its by far a better method for weight loss in the long run xxxx

dont worry ask anything you like... i dont mind =D..

i also agree that doctors do not give enough support/info =[

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