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Xenical ramblings from Boofaloo

So i have nearly come to the end of my first day and realised a diary will be very useful to record my food and thoughts through this journey.

breakfast consisted of coco pops and semi skimmed milk. I looked on the packet and was over the moon to see i could still have these - i'm such a big kid!!

Lunch was a low fat chicken salad sandwich from the coop and a muller light yoghurt.

snack - apple and banana

Dinner - jacket potato, chicken with 1 tablespoon of extra light mayo and 2 bread rolls.

I know i have eaten too many carbs and not enough veg - its all due to getting absolutely starving and grabbing what i could find instead of planning and having something ready. I havent had any 'side effects' thank goodness but i dont think the mayo with dinner was a good idea even if it was extra light!!
I like sauces with my food, i dont like it dry if you get what i mean. Anyone have any ideas what sauces i could have that are low fat??

Have felt fine although did have a wobble - its a friend of mines birthday so the cake was out. I resisted but was annoyed about it!! i had a bit of a word with myself and am fine now - i know i want to be slim more than i want cake!!
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Violet is shrinking
I wouldn't worry about the mayo, I've had extra light mayo and it fits the rules and it's all been fine. With regards to sauces, the best bet is to just have a look in the supermarket and see what they've got. I've had a cheese sauce packet mix from Asda that was in the rules.

I wouldn't worry about the carbs etc hun... just keep an eye on the fat first, it can get too much when you start with fat, carbs and cals, it gets overwhelming and for some reason slow things down, my best losses were at the start when I was just watching fat :)
Thank you!!! Will look at the ww sauces. Just been planning tomorrow's meals. I think jacket spud and beans will be something I eat a lot!!! X
We make a White sauce from plain flour & semi-skimmed milk then I have breadcrumbs rather than cheese as a topping so everyone can have the same meal this week we had spinach & penne so it was similar to macaroni cheese & tasted very good. You can also do a cauliflower cheese variant and all sorts of things.
day 2 and i've realised i have a really rubbish diet!!

breakfast - coco pops with semi skimmed milk.

Lunch - chicken cup a soup, chicken sandwich and a small piece of cake.

Dinner - havent decided yet.

Snacks - 3 slices bread :eek:

I am hungry all the time and am so used to snacking that this 3 meal a day lark is a bit foreign to me!!
I am hoping my body will get used to eating at meal times instead of whenever it feels like. I am drinking lots of fluid too so i know i'm not thirsty.

Thinking of having rice and veg for tea but now i've had some bread i dont know whether to just have vegetables although that is soooo boring!! lol

As for the cake i had at lunch time, i cut a small piece in half and had that. It was the tiniest piece and hasnt caused me any issues so far. i wont be making a habit of it as i now just want more and more. maybe staying away from it completely is a sensible idea.

Anyway tougher day today than i thought - still getting my head around things. Hopefully things will get easier the longer i do it. xx


Violet is shrinking
You're making things harder than what it actually is. There is no reason to just stick to 3 poxy meals a day, you can have snacks you just have to make the right choices.

Maybe if you had a better breakfast, the coco pops, maybe nice, but they won't help you, they're loaded with sugar!...sugar is evil lol!
Maybe if you had bran flakes with toast, or weetabix with toast and fruit that would be better... try having fibre for breakfast, it keeps you fuller for longer, GI foods really help... porridge is great, but eat a good breakfast!

You're eating a lot of bread too, which isn't so good... maybe you could've swopped the chicken sarnie for chicken on crisp breads.. I like the ryvita wholemeal ones, there's barely anything in them and you could have like 5 of them with extra light mayo and chicken on the top, maybe with a bit of chopped tomato or something...

you really to need to think about things a bit more and it will help :)

Have some snacks, fruit, yoghurt, crisp breads... plan your food ahead and you'll do much better.
Thanks violet - i appreciate your help.
I agree about my beloved coco pops - they've gotta go. As from tomorrow i will also be cutting bread down/out. I agree i'm probably making this harder but it is only my second day so mistakes are to be expected ;)
I need to eat a lot more fruit and veg so for tea tonight i have made a huge plate of steamed veggies with a small portion of brown rice.

On the up side of today i've spent most of it running around so exercise wise i'm doing fab!!! :)


Violet is shrinking
Just make sure that you're having something else with the fruit and veg..there isn't the calories in them, which you need. You could have ww meals and other low fat meals, and then have a load of veg on the side, you get he cals and the fat plus you get full :)
Well i had rice, leeks, carrots and chicken for my tea. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Feeling positive about tomorrow, my lovely hubby has bought me lots of lovely food so i have lots of choice and some yummy low fat desserts too!!!
I like the Weight watches formage frais berry ones 47 cals and really nice.. Helping with my sweet tooth :)
I am hungry all the time and am so used to snacking that this 3 meal a day lark is a bit foreign to me!!

I am hoping my body will get used to eating at meal times instead of whenever it feels like. I am drinking lots of fluid too so i know i'm not thirsty.
I finding having some low fat snacks e.g. celery, dry bitesize shredded wheat (really really filling and in an airtight pot don't go off so can live in my hand bag) to hand really helpful and if I don't eat them during the day I can always add the fresh fruit/veg to whatever I'm eating in the evening.
Hi Hun,

Glad to hear its going well. Don't beat yourself up about the bread etc, bread is not bad for us, its a good source of fibre and carbohydrates (in their good forms such as wholemeal bread, pasta, potatoes) are good for the digestive system and help keep hunger at bay!!

As long as the amount of calories your body needs to survive is higher than the amount your taking in, you will lose weight!

Work this amount out by using and online BMR (basal metabolic rate) calculator, use a government one for the most accurate results. Then create a deficit by subtracting 500cals a day, any more than this and your body will go into starvation mode, slowing your metabolism and your weightloss will slow.

In my opinion, and that of the weightloss experts I know (qualified) creating a calorie deficit, eating less than 5% fat, having 7 portions or more of veg and eating any combination of foods, you WILL lose weight in a healthy, non hungry way.

Carbs are your friend!!

Well done hun xx
Thanks for the replies - i love this forum!! :)

Great day today. It has felt easy :) :)

Breakfast - shreddies with skimmed milk

Lunch - rice veg and chicken (left overs from yesterday)

Snack - Fruit (melon, grapes)

Dinner - chicken, veg, potatoes. 1 yorkshire pudding
muller light yoghurt.

4 pints of water/juice
30 minute walk

I was a bit worried about the yorkshire but it was homemade and i checked on wlr to see how it was fat wise. No side effects as yet. :)

I am loving muller light yoghurts with chocolate sprinkles...feels so naughty!!
Well it's my hubby who does the yorkshires. He uses 1 cup plain flour, 2 eggs and 3/4 cup semi skimmed milk to make the batter.
This makes 6 huge yorkshires. According to mfp fat content is 3g.

I didn't have any TM (tango moments) yesterday and had a settled tum so it must have been ok for me. I only stuck to 1 though and stayed away from gravy which was super hard!!!!
Great start to the day i managed a lie in until 10.30am!!! Kids were great and just sorted themselves out and watched tv. It was bliss!!

Had my breakfast - rice krispies with 2 tsp sugar and skimmed milk

Lunch - 4 ryvitas, scraping of extra low fat mayo, wafer thin ham, yellow pepper and cherry tomatoes followed by a vanilla muller light yopghurt and raspberries. mmmmmmmmmm

Dinner - not sure what to have yet. Am thinking pasta with tinned tomatoes, garlic and chicken. Dessert will be grapes.

Havent drunk much fluid yet but will get on with that. Have been cleaning and tidying the house this morning so am classing that as my exercise.
Got my first weigh in on thursday and had a sneaky peek this morning to see i'd lost a tiny bit...need to stay off the scales though as i still want to be thin over night!! i know thats not going to happen but with such a large amount of weight to lose the mountain i have to climb looks very steep!!!

Will update later xx
had a bit of a meltdown at tea time - well before that actually. so here id todays food

Breakfast- rice krispies with sugar and skimmed milk

lunch - ryvita, ham, pepper. raspberry and muller light yoghurt

snack - shreddies, skimmed milk, sugar

dinner - 2 slices bread. jam

snack - bowl of cornflakes with skimmed milk.

Have looked on WLR and am at bout 1500 cals today. my fat intake has been fine but i feel fed up now. :(
Hope tomorrows a better day.
Hey I cooked my family sausages and mash.. Plus Brocoli , mange tout, carrots and I had the veggies with ww sausage and mash (350 cals) was really nice followed by a fresh peach yum!

Am liking the tesco lighter choices range and ww meals
Fed up today. Looked in the mirror and saw a fat ugly mess. Sooo unhappy today but have tried my best not to let it ruin the day food wise.

Breakfast - shreddies with strawberried and skimmed milk

lunch - ham, potato salad (homemade) muller light yoghurt

Dinner - bread, oxtail soup. small piece of cake

snacks - grapes and diet coke

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