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My doctor has refered me to an obesity clinic where they have given me Xenical.
Does anyone take this and follow Slimming World diet?
(I usually do Red days with Extra easy slotted in for a change)

If so has it helped? Anyside effects while following the diet (I know the unfortunate one after a fatty meal!!)
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Hi, if you go to the xenical forum there is a number of people who follow SW or WW alongside :) I've just moved over there as I am taking alli for a few week till Xmas for a weight loss boost X


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I thought xenical and alli worked where the fat content of the meal was over a certain % - surely if you are following SW your fat content will be minimal and terefore will have no effect?


huntsu1 said:
I thought xenical and alli worked where the fat content of the meal was over a certain % - surely if you are following SW your fat content will be minimal and terefore will have no effect?
It blocks some of the fat you eat, it will get rid of a % of any fat eaten (if you go over recommended fat, body will reject it in a rather unpleasant way) and even on SW some free foods are high fat so it just gives that extra boost I think. I usually follow SW but for the few week run up to Xmas while I'm on these I am following the diet suggested (low fat, low calorie, plenty of exercise) to be honest I don't know if they have an effect because I've only taken them for 4 days but for me the thought of having an 'accident' while in public is enough to keep me on the straight and narrow :) x


PatchworkPuss said:
Like what? I don't think there are any high fat free foods on SW - that would defeat the purpose!
On the tablets any food that is more than 5% fat per 100g so meats like lamb, pork etc, egg yolks, oily fish (I know it's good fat but the tablets don't know the difference) and things with syn values, like I said I don't know much about xenical coz I've been on it a few days and I'm not following SW while taking it but there are people on the xenical forum who take the tablets and follow SW so they would know a lot more than me X

Sorry if I am completely wrong this is how I interpret it & just wanted to point OP in direction of others doing the same X
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I have taken Xenical before whilst on SW and didn't really lose anymore than normal. Just one word of warning though, steer clear of eggs as the yolk is high in fat and it gives you that oily orange effect lol ;)
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I've taken this in the past. Basically you will KNOW when its having an effect... its effects themselves are enough to make you seriously look at your diet and where you are going wrong with your fat intake. It is an extremely unpleasant drug.

Once I was on the SW plan at the same time as the drug it had no effect on my weightloss and the side effects entirely disappeared.

Basically it blocks a percentage of your fat intake which then has to come out the other end and is extremely unpleasant. If you're on SW your fat intake is likely to be a lot lower, and so little will be blocked these side effects will be minimal.

Theres really no need to do both (in my opinion) - you do need to have *some* fat intake to allow you to absorb key nutrients and if you follow the plan properly you should be getting enough fat and not too much. Enough to have a healthy balanced diet and not enough for Xenical to have any constructive effect.


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I have been on xenical and sw and have reacted to certain things like eggs and oily fish like salmon and mackeral. After being on it for a couple of weeks i didnt notice any difference so came off them and plus i hated the unpleasant burps i used to do because i could kind of taste the tablets :sick0019:

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