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xmas conference


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Well done to everyone who won at yesterdays slimmer/counsellor of the year and to all those shortlisted. It was a fab day and evening (apart from that which wont be mentioned again!!!! - by now most of you will understand!!!)

I would like also to say hi to evryone who was sitting on the 'naughty table'....you all know who you are. I think you are all fab and amazing poaple and well done each and everyone of you on what you have achieved so far.

Also a big thank you to the guys who plied me with alcahol (who b4 yesterday i had never met) and made my birthday night one i shall remember for some time. ALthough i have to say that my feet are absolutely killing me!!!!! And if ever any of you are coming down to the south coast then please give me a shout and we can do it all again.

Also thanks to Kerensa and Anna for the embarrasment of having almost 200 people sing happy burthday to me and presenting me with the flowers, they were beautiful. However i will get you both back!!!

For me personally, at the conference i found out that i was in the top 50 (out of all) counsellors for sales figures. That to me was fab and meant all my hard work in the last year has paid off. So it was a double celebration for me yesterday.

Tracey you looked absolutely fabulous last night and you so very much deserve your title of slimmer of the year.

So apologies to those whose toes i trod on and thanks to all those new fab people i met throught the day and night

You are all stars.

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Wish i was there but i don't think there's something like "slimmer of the year" in the Netherlands.

Last night was absolute fantastic! I was of course drinking water and sat watching but was still a great night.

(Have gone some super pictures!!!)

So what were the new flavours at Conference??

Its a shame about the Slimmer of the Year mix up, but does sound like Cambridge did the right thing offering the other Tracey a holiday, so hopefully all ends well

Congratulations to the winner, Tracey Broderick !
The new Potato & Leek is out tomorrow and I did test it a month or so ago and in my opinion is the best soup out of all of them, it is lovely and thicker than the others and has a great taste to it.

Also the Orange Winter Spice is coming back for the Xmas period which was a really cinamonny orange shake which makes a lovely mousse.

Cambridge also confirmed they are looking at a third tetra flavour sometime during this year but haven't decided on the flavour yet (people seemed to want either Vanilla or Strawberry) but no definate dates on this yet.

There were lots of other announcements in terms of new programmes, new aids etc etc but the new soup was the suprise of the day.



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Hehehe... the naughty table! :eek: :D

It was lovely to meet you, MrsM! So glad you enjoyed your Birthday. :) I too was one of the 50, which was quite a surprise, especially since I work a full time job aside from the cdcing!

Good to finally meet you too, Mike. Drinking water and watching, indeed. :p

Jo x
what were the approx sales figure brackets for the top 50 (so anyone unable to attend conference, like me, can figure out if they were on the list or not)?? Although it's HIGHLY unlikely......
any other winners ?? or info you could share with us ??

was gutted that I missed it - did my back in and wasn't able to fly....:(
Can i also congratulate Guinness Tester (Alan and wife Rita ) on their amazing weight loss and coming runner up in the SLimmer of the Year competition. You are both amazing and lovely people and it was a pleasure to meet you.

xcdc norwich
Absolutely!! You both looked absolutely amazing and did some serious grooving on that dance floor :)


mrs c

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It was lovely to meet you all last night, and yes great fun on the naughty table, loads of dancing, sure i saw you on the dance floor Mike, not only the once. JustJo, it was great to meet you, wish i could remember everyone, loads of photos taken if anyone has any could they send me some as i didn't have my camera on me. The alcolhol was flowing all night haven't danced so much in years, my feet are killing me as well, early night for me now, try and catch up on some sleep.
It was fantastic

Hi everyone, well what a weekend, I was so full of nerves all day Saturday waiting for the big moment, My counsellor was in even more of a state!!
We are so pleased to have been nominated and to win an award, yes we came second (gutted!!) I would have loved to win but hey the best woman won.
I had so many people coming up to me saying "you two really should have won! but hey it was not to be.

It was lovely to meet so many people, and thanks Julesrush for your kind comments, it was lovely to meet you. Hope you had a safe journey home last night.

We want to see those incriminating pictures Mike!!

Well done to everyone, It was really the icing on the cake (low calorie sugar free icing!) for what has been a fantastic year for us both.

It was amazing to hear the crowds gasp as my picture was displayed up on that huge screen, I also have enough flowers to start a florists
Thanks everyone
I will send the pictures over bud, send me your E-mail address.

I have to say (a bit personal here!) that my nipples are really sore today!! I wore a white cotton shirt and with all the michael jackson dancing I now have joggers nipple!

ha ha ha ha you and your moaning about your nipples! (I recall some 3am ish discussions with a whole group of us about such things!)...

Happy Birthday for yesterday MrsM you looked incredible and what a brilliant night it was!! I had a blast... and um... having just confessed on my diary, I wasn't on water... well... I was... on and off.... umm.. anyway... HUGE congratulations to Alan & Rita , it was wonderful to meet you guys and dance all night! Runners up is not to be sneezed at ;) Major congratulations. You are both total winners!

As for photos... oh dear.... Well.. I'm about to get mine off the card so will pm those I can recall who they are!(memory somewhat foggy today - can't think why!)...

Anyway... happy birthday again MrsM, congrats to all who won awards... every one so deserving... I think next year I might book in for the sunday too (just in case my water is spiked.......) ;)
Not been on the forum in an age ~ but realising it was THE BIG EVENT yesterday, just wanted to jump in and say hope you all had a wonderful time. From some of the stories i've read, seems that's a given and you guys obviously know how to P A R T Y :party0016::party0011:

Congrats to all of the winners and nominees ~ all very well deserved
I have just uploaded 60 photos from last night onto my Facebook for those Miniminners who are on there.

None of them are incriminating :)

Yeah it was fab, as soon as the music came on you had head office staff, directors, counsellors and slimmers all up together bopping away until 2am.

Lovely atmosphere for all I thought.



Queen of the Damned
Am really hoping to make it next year - this and last year it clashed majorly with childcare :(

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