xmas day starter ideas

Tracie Green

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Thats all I can get my dad to eat. I'm cheeting this year though and buying the finest ones from Tesco.


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We usually have smoked salmon with cream cheese in the centre, rolled up into little rolls, then lemon juice over and a crisp salad. YUM.

We're not doing a starter this year though as it makes us all too full..... I love Xmas Dinner! x


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I wouldnt be able to manage a starter. When my aunt stayed with my mum she served us up melon and fruit (how 70's is that :D) but anything heavier and I wouldnt have room for pud, which would be just wrong!


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no way!! it has to be three courses i am having one day off and thats it but i intend to eat what i want in moderation , if that includes bacon 2sandwiches and a bottle of baileys plus xmas dinner then so be it.

Percy greenfingers

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I love a nice Mushroom and Sherry Soup and a small crusty roll. Sounds filling, but if you eat that and don't put the veg on until you've finished (Terry Wogan's wrong, Sprouts don't take a month to cook) then you've got 15 mins to let it all go down.
We're not doing tradition this year, we're having hot spicy Chicken Wings, main course still undecided, Strawberry cheescake and cheese and biscuits and port.....Can't wait.


I ate my willpower!
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I like the idea of the chicken wings. We are not having turkey. We have bought those boneless joints. 1 beef and 1 chicken. They were on offer for 2 for £10 in Tesco. My hubby finds turkey too dry. I love all white meat though :eatdrink023:


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Last year I did butternut squash and chille soup. Didn't serve a whole bowlfull and it was a lovely starter. Not sure what to do this year.

Oh and on the Turkey being dry, I didnt realised last year that I accidentally cooked mine upside down (dont ask!!) and it was the moistest bird I'd ever cooked. Might be making that same mistake again this year hehe, I realised towards the end of the cooking and turned it to brown on top before removing from oven, but it was still so luciously moist.

Percy greenfingers

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I love Chicken wings, before CD had them before the homemade pizza...Now I just love soup and shakes.......(Honest)