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Xmas nibbles

With Christmas fast approaching and me looking longingly at all the lovely nibbles they are starting to sell in Tesco I wondered if anyone had any alternatives???

I know these are usually packed with:
b) Carbs
c) More of a and b

and they taste yummy.......I am a sucker for sausage rolls and pork pie. :eek: I think I worked it out once and I had about 3000 calories of 'nibbles' :eek::eek::eek:

I thought the following would be good:

Chicken tikka chunks - cut chicken into chunks (suitable for say a cocktail stick) and marinate in some f/f yoghurt and spices. Cook!! Voila.

King prawns - think Lady M has a great little dipping sauce on her recipe thread with ginger and chillis?? Thought they would go great.

Mini quiches - use the silicone bun cases to make individual quiche. Any filling: Tuna, smoked salmon, veggie, chicken, ham etc

Make some mini gallettes (similar to blinis) top with a touch of f/f yoghurt (maybe add herbs if you want) and some smoked salmon

Make a fish pate - mackeral, tinned salmon, tinned tuna etc. Mix it really well, add some f/f yoghurt or quark, some spices or herbs - serve with some veg sticks of cucumber, pepper, cauliflower celery etc

Mini burgers - maybe if you can stick them with cocktail sticks. Make a nice fresh chilli, tomato and coriander salsa to top them with?

Chicken drumsticks
sliced smoked salmon
Boiled eggs sliced in half with a touch of dukan mayo and a dusting of paprika?

For dessert - mini sugar free jelly (get disposable cups and use them), dukan meringues top with some f/f yoghurt and maybe some rhubarb, baked mini egg custards (use the silicone bun cases)

If anyone has any brain waves let me know (especially if you have a dukan friendly recipe for pringle crisps!!):D
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Quails eggs dusted with celery salt and pepper

Stuffed eggs (half boiled egg, york mashed with chili, quark etc)

Salmon rolled around seasoned quark into "cigarettes" - then dip the ends into chopped herbs or chilli to decorate.

I saw some heart shaped silicon ice-trays yesterday - so mini muffins, flavoured with lemon zest and nutmeg? Or goji berries and cinamon?

Instead of mulled wine - how about fruit tea (hibiscus is a gorgeous fruity red - or apple perhaps) simmered with lemon peel, cloves, a cinnamon stick.
This is lovely - we had it last week -

Mix up a few handfuls of spinach (or use frozen) some eggs and seasoning to make an omelette. Cool and cut in half then spread some cottage cheese/home-made 'boursin'/quark and add a layer of smoked salmon to make a sandwich. Then cut into small slices. There were two made (one meant for the next day) but we had to use both as they went down so well.:) Could also be oven cooked in a tin to make a swiss roll (would make for better presentation).

Also, whole fresh prawns (take ages to peel and are nicer than frozen) with quark/passata/paprika dip.

Seafood quiche cut into cubes.

Liver pâté on Dukan crispbread or oatcakes (both recipes on recipe thread, I believe).

Pickled mussels (don't know if they exist in the UK?).

Manda (and maybe others) makes celeriac crisps, so crisps are defintely doable.:)


Dukan Ancestor!!
Brilliant ideas!

Also: mini baked cheesecakes (or yoghurt cakes)

And savoury pinwheels - cook a thin omelette (just beat one egg, and then fry to a large thin pancake in a non-stick pan), then roll up with one of the suggested pates, or some spinach & cottage cheese, or anything you fancy. Cut into little pinwheel bites to serve.

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