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I have not been on these threads for so long, i think i was avoiding you all so i didn't have to feel guilty about being a complete pig!!!
i have eaten and drunk whatever i like for 3 weeks not, not even bothering to take the pill cos i knew it would make me ill!!! which is the whole point of having the tablets!!!!
well i have weighed at home and have put on at least 5lb and just can't be good now, i am sat here thinking how i want one of the biscuits from the cupboard, i have got up 3 times and sat back down again. i have not been to the gym for 3 weeks and now the weather is making that impossible to.

what has gone so wrong, i want to be slim just want to eat to!!!!!

i have my first weigh in of the year at the docs on monday and dreading it i promised myself i was gonna be good from monday so as to try and stay the same at least but that has gone so wrong!!!

sorry to go on just really needed to write my feelings down to try and sort them out, thanks for listening.

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Right...you need to put Christmas behind you and concentrate on the now! Ok, you've put on a few lbs but they will easily come off as soon as you get back on track! Don't have that biscuit and start from now on!
I'm sure the doc will totally understand...we all over indulge over the festive period! I was like you and in a vicious circle of eating then feeling bad, then thinking sod it and and so eating more but I've had to break that cycle, which for the time being I have!
You can break that cycle too...promise!! xx


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Hi Hun

I said on the other thread but I'll say again. Please stop beating yourself up. I bet even the doctor put on weight at Christmas. I was a nervous wreck about going back to the doc last week I was convinced she was going to stop my tabs because of my 9 lb gain but instead she just shrugged it off and said not to worry. I'm sure your GP will be the same. I do know though that I found it easier to get my head back together and stop all the binging once that doctor had given me my new prescription so maybe that'll help you too.

I totally understand how you feel but please don't give up just because of Christmas, you've done really well up till now. We aren't too far apart in weight terms and have lost about the same so we'll both hopefully be at goal by this time next year if we keep going. Just think what a good Christmas we'll be able to have next year.

Keep going hunny you owe it to yourself and will do it honest.



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I think we all put on some weight over the holidays. But I am now determined to get back on track. I have got rid of all the bad stuff we had left and now I don't have the temptation of looking at it and wanting it. If it's not there in front of you then you should have less cravings. Try having some low fat snacks in to wean you off, maybe that will help. I like Pink N Whites or cracker jacks. Sometimes I'll even get a pack of jelly beans or gummy worms just to get rid of that urge. Not the best but better then eating the chocolate that I REALLY want lol.


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thanks guys for your support, glad i have come back on here!!!
well i have to admit i did have the choccie biscuit but hey i could have eaten the whole packet and i didn't, i am gonna ger monday out of the way (weigh in ) and then back on tract.

i am also going to try and stay on track till then but at the moment my stupid mind is saying you have put on anyway so make the most of it!!! arghhh just can't get rid of that thought

but definatly from Monday no baddies and weather permitting back to the gym!!!!


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Hiya....I dont know many people who havent gained because fo xmas, so just draw a line under it and move on, you cant change what happened but you can put it right!!

The bit about waiting til Monday.....I have done the same many times..I could have been writing your post....but by Monday, you could gain another pound or two...? I completely understand your thinking though, so its up to you whether you have the weekend off, or use it as an opportunity to get head back into that space.

Im peeved too that I cant go to the gym...goes in hand for me...i feel like Im only doing things properly when Im doing both.

Good luck...you will get there x

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Just tell yourself that the Christmas / New Year period only lasts for about two weeks so you can indulge yourself a little bit.
You have fifty other weeks in the year for you to watch what you're eating so put last Christmas behind you and look forward to how you'll feel and look next Christmas when you've reached your target.


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Chin up and keep going, we have all been there.

I went and got a hug bar of chocolate that we have from christmas and sat it next to me on the couch yesterday and stared at it a while, then put it back. I know its not worth it and getting a new top at the end of the month will be much more enjoyable :)

You can do it!


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yes chin up and look forward, what is done is done, and you cant do anything but be good now...

Good luck with getting back on the wagon!