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xnatalie81x - THE PIG TROUGH diary

I EAT! and i mean I EAT. Massive quantities of food. So, here is my piggy diary....... Have been on sw now 2weeks and 4days today. Will put the last few days diaries on here and update every morning :) - i read the diaries to find inspiration so home someone finds mine *inspiring*

Always have milk as HEA

Wednesday 18th March - green

b: HEB Wholemeal bread with HEB 85g light phillie (used half, saved half) and roasted peppers
s: muller light, whole pack of grapes (big boxes)
l: huge bowl of pasta (half pack dried stuff) with 1/4 jar dolmio (2syns) and HEA 28g cheddar
s: medium potato with other half philli from breakfast
d: more pasta (1.4pk dried) with 60ml dolmio light (1syn)
s: noodle mugshot, chicken
treat: 2 kellogs marshmallow chewy bars - 12syns
pomme bears - 5syns

total syns 20.
Today i had a real 'snacky' day and could easily have gone off plan. Stopped taking pill yesterday so due for me girlie visit any day now. Blaming that for the munchies. Did lots of walking to keep mind off food. Didn't work. Ate while walking, hence whole pack grapes bought in co-op on walk. Make up syns tomorrow.

Thursday 19th March - Red

b: Chicken breast, joe's chipolata sausages, muller light, nectarine, grapes

l: boiled eggs and xl mayo (1 syn) in 2 slices wholemeal bread (HEB), banana, muller

d:skinless turkey breast stuffed with 85g light phillie (HEB) served with a 4egg, 250g tub vlf cottage cheese, bacon and joe's sausage 'quiche' topped with 42g mozarella (HEA) (ate 3/4 of it)

Good day generally. Was hungry day but better than Wed. Taught for 2hrs and walked lots again. No sign of my 'friend' yet.......
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Looks great! I've seen Joe's sausages mentioned a few times. Are they special SW sausages?

Congrats on losing 8lbs!
Well it is a website that sells burgers and sausages and they have a very high meat content so free. All the ones that are syn free state it next to them and they have a certificate from slimming world to prove it!!!

website can be googled if you search joe's sausages. I cannot post links yet - too new :(
It is mad lol - it works really well too - i am losing tons more than ww and i'm not starving! On ww i lost about 11lb in 3mths! and was constantly hungry. Here i'll do that in about 4 weeks and not once have i been hungry! And i love the meals! There is so much choice.

Friday 20th March

brekkie: warm marion's rice

lunch: 3 small jackets with almost a whole tub sains bgty egg mayo, 42g mozarella (HEA)

snack: cold marion's rice

dinner: dolmio tomato and cheese pasta bake (4syns) and 42g mozarella (HEB) and mushrooms in.

snack: hi-fi bar (HEB)
milk for coffee (HEA)
crunchie x3 (27syns) oops. Did have 19 saved over week so this is fri allowance and the weeks left-over syns.

Looking good. Had a sneaky peak on scales and am looking ata bout 2-2.5lb loss again this week. Must chuck out the scales though lol.
It is Saturday. For some reason i always fall down on Sat evening SO i am going to plan plan plan and save all my nice stuff for the evening lol.

My sun plan is to not eat after 3/4pm and it has worked very well so far. Green today, red tomorrow :)


brekkie: marion rice

lunch: 4 mini potatoes, sains bgty egg mayo filler

dinner: not too sure but something yummy with my HEA

SNACKS: milk for coffee (HEA A)

After 6pm snacks ;)

- hi-fi bar (HEB)
- sw chips with dolmio and cheese on (2syns - HEB)
- pomme bears (5syns)
- jelly tots (5 syns)
- marion's rice cold

total 12 syns and 2a and 2b

B (10am): egg, bacon, sausage and plum tomatoes, 2 slices wholemeal bread dipped in egg and fried in frylight (HEB)

l (2pm): chicken, bacon and sausage (HEA cheese) cake with boiled vegetables and (HEB) potato

snack (3pm): pomme bears and hi-fi bar (10.5syns)

tea (5pm): muller and banana

Early night ready for weigh in at 10.30 mon am and week ahead!
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL THE MUMMIES - am getting very broody myself all of a sudden but too focused on getting this weight off to consider another one yet! Must get my baby fix elsewhere. Seek out babies to cuddle ;)

Sat 21st March:

brekkie: Marion's rice
lunch: 4 mini jacket potatoes, full tub sains bgty egg mayo sarnie filler, 28g cheese (A)
snack: (was not even hungry! y) chip shop chips (8syns and 1 HEB OIL)
dinner: batchelors bolognese pasta n sauce
snack: again y o y - kfc chips from kids plates (6syns)
hi-fi bar (HEB)

I started picking again. Although i did not go over syns it was food i did not want and did not need so why waste my precious syns! Did have lovely walk to park and got bus to mums so kept up my 20-30min walk (every day since monday now) so hoping that the additional exercise will boost my loss!

Got my girlies and am bloated and achey and yuk. Think this would be my star weigh in but with my extra good exercise am hoping to still get a 1-3lb loss tomorrow :)

Today is planned and i WILL NOT stray. I am very focused on a Sunday and main meal is at 3/4 with just banana and muller at 6 so all food digested by WI ;) - am feeling slimmer already. Am defintiely 8.5lb down but prob slightly more (wi 2moro) and i have measured myself and now am an official size 18 (was verging on a 20!) Here is to the next 10lbs coming off quickly so i can type i am officially a 16 ;)
Sun 22nd March

breakfast: Red day 'quiche' (HEA cheese)

lunch: corned beef sandwich (HEB bread) (1 syn)

dinner: chicken, cheese, sausage and bacon cake (HEB cheese) with cauli and broccoli

Snacks: banana, muller, sains bgty egg mayo from pot :eek:
pomme bears (5)
hi-fi bar (5.5)

Total syns 11.5

Good day. Focused and did well on diet. Also walked to park 15mins away with kids and played there for an hour or so. Feeling good but it is now Mon am and i am due to get weighed in 3 hrs and i am bloated, constipated and nervous.......... I weighed on the wii this morning for the first time in a month (always weighed on it while doing ww) and i am 3lb down!!! Which means i am the lightest i have been for about a year!

Since i gave birth for the first time 5 years ago i have bounced from 14.7 to 16.3 and i have noticed big changes but partner said i keep losing/gaining so he will be really proud and comment when i actually recach under 14.7 and i am losing weight i have not lost before lol :D

So, i am the lightesti have been for over a year :D - very chuffed. Wonder how i will do at WI. Will update :)
Monday 23rd March

WEIGH IN DAY - Lost 1.5lb (* week)

breakfast: banana and alpen light bar (3syns)
milk for coffee (HEA)

lunch: chicken mugshot
tesco veggie sushi (1.2syn)

snack: tesco value mashed potato (1syn), passatta, HEA cheese, mushrooms (made a sw pizza mmmmmm that was lush)

dinner: beanfeast bolognese with tons and tons of pasta and HEB cheese (28g)

snack: Hi-fi bar (B)
hi-lites drink (2syns)
Cadbury animal biscuits (5.5syns)
Muller-light yog

Exercise - 1hr food shopping (achey legs lol)
3mins on wii (blinkin demanding kids lol)

Not a bad day - not enough fruit and veg - kids did love the veggie bolognese though! Did food shop and stocked up and also did joes sausages order and bought 5 packs! (of 4) of their delish syn free burgers mmmmmmmm and loads of yummy flavoured sausages too!


Also off topic i handed in my notice today for my full-time job as a trainee probation officer......... very scary. 5 years i been there (and eldest turned 5 2 weeks ago)........ but i have my part-time swimming teacher job still and since the scare at xmas and nearly losing my son (and the tragedy of Jade Goody) i am not going to work 7am-7pm every day helping offenders get their lives straight and miss my babies growing up! No matter how much they pay me! I only have one chance to enjoy them and i can work a couple of hrs a day and still be ok :) and enjoy my munchkins. God how life changes when you have kids.......
your food diary sounds lovely...
one thng instead of using syns on dolmio have you thought about using passata and adding stuff to it, thats what i do and its free which is a bonus and a lot cheapeer too
good luck with diet hun
I do make my own pasta sauce on occassion but sometimes i like the flavour and it is quicker so settle for the additional syns. Have got 3 packs passatta tho lol so should make some up and put it in the dolmio jars in fridge! oo good idea lol

Tuesday 24th - green day

Breakfast: Banana and milk for coffee's (HEA)

Lunch: Jacket potato, smokey bbq mean beanz, 28g cheddar (HEA)

snack b4 work: SW quiche (with added mean beanz and mushrooms)

Dinner: Piles of spaghetti and beanfeast bolog style with 28g cheddar (6 syns)

snack: wholemeal roll (HEB) and 85g light phillie (HEB)

Other: muller light yoghurt
jelly tots (5)
hi-lights hot choc drink (2)

Total 13 syns

I have started to properly weigh my cheese again as i was getting lazy! I weighed myself this morning (wed as i do diary the next morning) and it says i have put on 1.5lb - i know i should not weigh so will not pay attention but has given me motivation and i am going to do hour on wii tomorrow. Working today 4.30-7 and in water so need all my energy for that lol.

Joe's delivery due sometime today so it's a burger fest tonight mmmmmmmmmm
You are doing so well, I know what you mean about WW I have just started SW after faffing about with ww for far too long :confused: but its so difficult to get your head around the whole eating thing....nice to know I am not the only one who has a huge appetite :eatdrink023:
I am very close to converting a friend who has joined ww and lost about 2lb in 3wks lol.

Wednesday 26th March RED
B: egg, bacon, plum tinned tomatoes.

l: quiche with onion, vl cottage cheese, 50g lean corned beef (1syn) and cheese HEA

s: muller
jacket 227g HEB with tuna and hm mayo
d: joe's burgers in whol bun HEB and sausages with stir-fry and mustard/brown sauce (2syns)

treats: hm choc cheesecake 3.5
pomme bears 5
milk for coffee (HEA)
Thursday 26th march 09

b: sw quiche with joe's sausages and bacon, cheese (HEA)

l: joe's burgers in bun (HEB) with mustard and brown sauce (1.5syn)

s: grapes, muller

d: 227g jacket HEB as wedges, gammon and 'fried' eggs

treat: choc cheesecake 3.5
choc mousse 0.5
jelly tots 6

Wed i did 2.5hrs additional teaching and Thu was working 2hrs on feet.

Friday will be a green day as i am desperate for some pasta! I have been dreaming about piles of spaghetti covered in beanfeast stuff or dolmio and cheese mmmmmmmmm - i love sw. The foods i binged on at ww are the foods that are free or very low syn on sw! By cutting out the junk i ate i can eat as much as i like. AMAZING!

Had a sneak on the scales this morning (fri) and looks to be 1.5lb down so hoping for 1-2lb loss this week. Only 4lb off my stone! and 2.5 to be under 15stone! Plenty to stay focused for!

Monday will be 4weeks on sw and 5weeks as non smoker! Also 1 week since handed notice in to ft job :) LIFE IS GOOD - roll on the sunshine :)
cooked pudding rice mixed in withany flavour muller light - like porridge warm or cold as dessert :) YUM
Love reading your diary. I really need to jazz up my menus everyones seem so nice, and I seem to eat the same stuff all the time. Am reading evryones diaries at the moment for some inspiration:D
Well done on all your achievments over the last few weeks xx
Friday 27th march - green

brekkie: hi-fi bar (HEB)
milk for coffee (HEA)
lunch: huge pile spaghetti with 125g dolmio (2syn) and 42g reduced fat cheese (HEA)
snack: mugshot
dinner: 6 quorn nuggets (3syn) with sw chips, broccoli and tinned tomatoes
snack: 2 small wholemeal bread (HEB) with left over chips and tiny scrape margarine on 1 piece (1syn)
walkers fish and chips crisps (6.5)

Here are my update pics. I was at my heaviest in Sept 08 (16.2 1/2)and i joined ww. I stayed there till jan and lost 4.5lb. When i joined SW on 2nd March i was 15.12 so now i have lost 10lb officially i have lost a stone since the original picture!

total 12.5 syns all HEA and HEB



loves food and cooking
HI Natalie - great to see your pics in the last post - you're doing really well!

Well done on your SOTM :D Hope you are having a great day

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