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xstitchjojo's lipotrim diary

i have been looking at the other threads and thought it was a cool idea to keep a diary which i can share and get support from.

i started on lipotrim on 16th June (2011). up to today i have just begun week 3 and so far lost 20lbs. week one was heavy going, week two was actually very good, but im finding this week hard again, and my mind keeps wandering to food, which wasnt a problem last week.

i need to get out of this, and i kno people talk about distractions and while im at work it isnt a problem but when i get home and sort out the family dinner and it gets to about 6 o clock that seems to be my worst time of day. ive even told the family they ill have to sort out the dinners because it certainly doesnt help.

i am feeling mad with myself especially because last week was so good, and i was so positive. :wave_cry:

lipotrim has been ideal for me really because when i have to mess around with weighing and counting points etc i tend to fail quickly. and i do like all of the shakes and soup.

i just dont want to be on a slippery slope, i have alot of weight to lose and want to do this to much.

week 1 = -12lb
week 2 = - 8lb
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I get weighed again tomorrow, and fingers crossed i have a decent loss.
I weathered my self sabotage storm; i read on another thread about people use food when having a bad day etc, a habit if you like, and its just a case of finding new coping strategies.
I have put my wobbly day down to not drinking enough, and since then have made a point of drinking more and its been much better...

Question - has anyone else had heart burn? i have for the past two days and just wondered if anyone else gets it.

Hope everyone is ok, and has a great week

Hi Caz,
this week i have lost 3lb. :happy036:

i feel really bloated though, and have been having fibre clear but it hasn't made a difference yet

oh well onwards with week 4
week 4 has come to an end, and i have lost another 11lb!!!!
un-be-lievable i nearly fell off the scales and im beaming from ear to ear.
so to date i have lost 35lb in four weeks which is amazing.

i thought when i started 'it would be good to lose a stone a month' so this definitely exceeds my expectations

And its my TOTM week too!!!!

blazing on with month 2 :whacky068:
Since I have been loosing weight I have been feeling much better, except for one big thing-such pain in my lower legs.
At my biggest when I began lipotrim everything on me was very big including my calfs down to my feet. Always swelling up due to the pressure of my weight and red/purple and achy.
Now the weight is moving and you can especially tell on my lower right leg, but the left is still swollen and both are still discoloured and more painful than ever! I'm even taking pain killers and slapping on the aqueous cream. The pain is just like hot aches, that you get when you come in from the cold and try to warm up too fast and constant. I could burst into tears at the drop of a hat

Is it just me?
lost another 7lbs. happy me. legs are slowly on the mend but still very painful.

to be honest i went today because i felt like packing it in, mainly because i was just fed up with having the same things all the time. however after a chat with my pharmacist, plus the good loss i have decided to carry on.

i just need to take it a day at a time.

i really want to be more active but its difficult right now with my legs being the way they are
since i havent been very well things have gone a bit 'awry' but i aim to get back on track.
i spent last week in hospital on an IV drip with antibiotics because my leg problem went beyond something which could be fixed with tablets.

i hope to feel better soon so i can get back on track
Well here's an update on how its going...
i have finally got back into the diet, i really wish now (in hindsight) i had persevered whilst i was unwell, but then again i think the time spent not being 'angelic' was both a good and bad thing - bad because i was eating and slowly what i had crept up, and generally i felt sluggish and uncomfortable and guilty, and good because it has shown me that my relationship with food is far from better, and made me realise how much I don't ever want to go back to the size I was when i started with Lipotrim. I'm just fortunate that I didn't gain anything.
it was another battle to get back up to speed with it, although the first time i felt sorry for myself and this time I kept reminding myself to stop moaning, cos I wouldn't have been in that position if i had been good lol

onwards and hopefully downwards (weight wise)
its just over a month since i last made an entry.
its been an odd month, for 4 weeks i lost a pound a week, though i was having real trouble with going to the loo etc.; the fibre clear didn't seem to do the trick.
This last week i had a big loss again - 8lbs so it makes no sense, but i am thrilled to be under 23 stone now.
My hope is to be in the 20 stone range by christmas, though i wont beat myself up if i don't get there...(but i'll do my best)
Thats ace!! Well done!!! Sometimes we just plataeu!!! Its one of them things!! Hang on in there sweetie.... Have you tried senna for your loo troubles!! x


Determind dieter :D
Well done amazing going so far :D .. keep it up you will get to your goal I'm sure :) x x x


Now 40% less fat !
Well done for sticking with it, I'm glad the determination paid off. :D

Keep your fluids up - that seems to have the biggest effect on my losses, and it will help in the loo department too:D

thanks ladies :)
I have now brought some dulcolax so hopefully i can keep on top of things lol
i think your right about the water Denise, on monday i didnt drink very much at all(busy day at work) and that night i was in absolute agony!!!
so now i buy a 2 ltr bottle of sparkling water a day and then at least i know if that has gone i have had enough (plus i dont count the coffee in that lol)
this week i have lost 2 more lbs

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