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  1. melissa85

    melissa85 Full Member


    so after mucking about for the past 3 months i decided enough is enough need to get my ass in gear so today has been day 1 and 100% so feeling good.

    i have one problem and that is i have a long weekend this week and tend to eat when im off will have to keep busy.

    i will come back to this thread to keep all you great losers (weight) posted on my progress and to keep my mind busy.

    good luck to all you dieters out there xx
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  3. imagisal

    imagisal Full Member

    Hey Melissa.....best wishes on your first week back...you sound very determined!!!
  4. melissa85

    melissa85 Full Member

    thanks, i feel pretty good.
  5. melissa85

    melissa85 Full Member

    hey, so am on a 3 hour break from work so came hame to have my lunch a strawberry shake and im getting really irritable and sick feeling, however i just weighed myself on my wii it said ive lost 3lb and i know its accurate as i use it before i get my wi and always get the same readings, so quite chuffed with that.

    ill post back later when i finish work xx
  6. melissa85

    melissa85 Full Member

    hey well got in fae work a half hour ago and felt sick wi hunger and i gave in to temptation but not with anything bad for me tuna on a ryvita which i checked against the cd meal values and what i had had less carbs in. i know i shuldny have but it wasny stodgy food. i get weighed tomorrow at cdc so as long as ive lost some the past couple of days am happy.

  7. melissa85

    melissa85 Full Member

    hey everyone, well got weighed yesterday and lost 5lb considering i was only on ss for 3 days am happy with that. just need to keep it up xxx
  8. Katycakes

    Katycakes Stubborn tortoise

    Keep on keeping on... you can do it!!!


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