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xxluckyxx's dilemma


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Hi Guys
Need a little advice !
Its also a little embarrasing , along with my spelling ...sorry !

I have to go doctors tomoro as ive not seen TOTM for 3 months now ! although i have done 2 tests one the first month and one the 2nd and i dont feel like im pregnant i want for my own satisfaction double / triple blinking check !!!

BUT ... do i tell my doctor that ive been on LIPOTRIM , im thinking ive not seen anything because of the weight loss but do i just say i have lost 2.5 stone very quickly due to stresses at home ???

Im going in the morning so if anyone has any comments i'll listen very carefully .

Thank you in advance xxx
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If the tests are positive then chances are you are pregnant.They are so reliable your doc will probably not do another test. Re the diet Tell the truth.. what is to be gained by lying.Stop the diet and start eating healthily.


Mrs Depp

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S: 12st4lb C: 10st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 1st11lb(14.53%)
Hey Sam,

You should tell your GP about being on Lipotrim. He or she shouldn't judge you and tell you how you should lose weight. It's obvious that the diet has worked for you so don't feel guilty about it.

When I was admitted to hospital late last year (viral gastroenteritis) one of the nurses had a go at me about being on Cambridge but I told her that that wasn't the reason for me being so ill and I wasn't going to stop just because she didn't approve!:mad:

If you're sure that you're not pregnant then maybe it's just a minor hiccup in your cycle? I wouldn't worry too much just yet hun.;)


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The tests i did were negitive , but 3 months ????
something should have happened by now !

thanks mrs depp , think honesty is best but the comment i had from my doctor the week i started lt was over the top .

i went to get my repeat of birth pills ....how bloody ironic lol
and she weighed me , i had already lost 8lbs and i told her i was 5'6 , lol im 5'5 !!! so she said are you controling your weight and i said i am actually , she said good as if you go one more lb up you will be 'obese' !!! so she said are you doing weight watchers? i just said YES !!!

Patronising or what !

Mrs Depp

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S: 12st4lb C: 10st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 1st11lb(14.53%)
Cheeky c*w!! If it was my GP I'd have bitten my tongue too, but they've no right to talk to patients like that!:mad:

Shouldn't she be pleased that you've decided to do something about your weight rather than pi$$ you off about it and say you're nearly obese!? OOOOHHHHH makes me SO MAD!!:mad: :mad:
No worries Alex !!! xxx
Thanks for the congrats anyhow !!!

Right with you on the doctor thing mrs depp !
I shall let you all know tomoro guys thanks again x
Ive been and the doctor dont seem to think i could be expecting .
She never did a test as i said ive done 2 and they were negative , i also told her i was on LIPOTRIM which to my surprise she said well done .
She weighed me and did my BMI and she thinks i need to lose another 5lb for a healthy BMI , but all in all she thinks that the missing of the TOTM is thru the diet and not being pregnant ......woohoo !!!
Hey guys thought id post on this 'lucky' thread as the Lipotrim forum is soooo quite !

How is everyone getting on ?

I went back to work today after being off for the week with the kids , all was fine not to many problems .

I heard form Muz tonight too and all seems well there , i did get a little worried as he went quite and that to me is never a good sign .

My friend Sonkie is at her weigh in tonight , although karen is signed in so dont know who's using her addy ????

have to do some detective work on that one !!

I hope everyone is doing fine ? i dont get chance to catch up on everyone and sometimes feel like im letting some of you down by not knowing whats going on !

Just concerned little me !!! oh i can say little too ...so everyone keeps saying !! i still dont see the weight loss on myself but everyone else has !!

I see the saggy bits LOL

bye for now xxx


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G: 12st0lb
Bluddy saggy bits......you aint got any.....!
You are looking blooming fantastic now and have done so well. When I feel more comfortable....lol, I will join you for a swim.....once this weight is off im gonna keep it off.
Good mate i cant wait to have a swimming buddy ! we can even take the kids if its not possible without them as they can entertain themselfs while you pan my ass doing lengths LOL


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G: 12st0lb
Ooooo you`re on ....lol. Just wish I could find the courage I had before starting the diet when I was swimming with Karen.

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