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xxTannysxx 10lb Challenge!!!! EXTENDED 4 EXTRA WEEKS!! for all


i will be slim
Hi Girls and Guys!!!!!!

Im trying to come up with a new Challenge,so i thought.......


Theres a 4 week time frame for this,basically whoever gets to the 10lb goal first...then 2nd place then 3rd place then 4th place etc etc...

This challenge is for all those people with weight to lose and need a boost

so if you would like to join for a bit of competition between each other please let me know,start date will be from today 18/5/2010.....;)

each week everyone is to give me there weekly weight loss so i can keep track with everyones progress...:D

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i will be slim

good luck and have a good rest of the week,

on friday tell me how much you have lost and ill keep it noted...

this challenge is starting today ,people who are getting weighed 2nite/2day,there losses will count in the challenge!!!

i will post every week the sucess so far of how much everyone has lost...eg...1st june next one...then...8th etc etc...

and i just realized the start date is the...
25/5/2010 not the 18/5/2010 as i posted before...duh!!!:eek:
Tonight and thanks, no reason I shouldn't lose but not having a great time on the scales at the moment. Wish I knew why.:cry:


i will be slim

2nite great thats the same as me!!:D

how come? i think some times things can get a bit slow on the scales!

do you alternate the food your eating?
like your healthy a,s and b,s?
sometimes our bodys can get used to the same time of food we eat!
do you have syns?
i also think sometimes if you be to strict it can slow the weight loss down,this happened to me before when i did it 4yrs ago,so now and again when i struggled at the scales i used to have something a bit higher in syns and it used to start up my Metabolism agaain and i used to lose a bit chunk on scales the week after.

i think sometimes the body does need that bit extra syns/calories
to give it something to work with:D

good luck 2nite hun and let me know later how u done..xx
Thanks yes I think I need to kick start myself a little. I don't use many of my syns, bit scared to start now but you're right maybe I need to surprise my body a little.:8855: I've done all red this week rather than alternating red/green like I normally do so perhaps that will help. Who knows?!

Will let you know how I get on. Good luck for tonight Tanny.


i will be slim
cheers laura,

im the same as u i dont hardly use my syns too,i and also think well maybe if i did start using them i might put on!,
but i think coz your not used to having a lot of them when u do your body will burn it off alot lot quicker..i was told this once with my old slimming world consultant,i wouldnt advice it all the time but once in a while when your struggling it works for meaa nd we are very slimmar weight wise!!
Goodluck Laura!

Ooh I'm in gloucestershire too:D

I'm trying to keep my syns low at the moment. I have a bad habit of binge eating so the few syns I do have I'm trying to keep to sensible-ish foods.
I'm terrible, I could quite happily sit and eat several packets of crisps one after the other..then look for more:eek: I think that's why I couldn't stick to WW after the year as I was using all of my points on naughties, then wondering why I was hungry:rolleyes:


i will be slim
lol milly,

thats the same with me as soon as i

touch anything like that ill each
loads and loads coz ill get the taste for it so thats why id rather not go near anything like that,i only use my syns for a glass or 2 of wine and thats it!!
Could I join please?
I need a bit of a boost, these past weeks I've been yo-yoing. I need a bit of a kick up the backside.
My weigh in is on Thursday evening.



i will be slim
welcome Devotchka and xxxsnowbunnyxxx,

ive noted down your weigh days!!!

let me know on your weigh days how much u have lost!!

Hiya, can I join in to please? I only started sw last Thursday and am still trying to get my head around it all lol! My weigh in's are on Thursdays

Good luck for your weigh in! Xxx

Well I know I wont be beating anyone as my friend has just informed me that my scales are 6lb out because I stand wonky on them:cry::mad:

I don't go to meetings at the mo as I'm skint but now I'm not sure what I weigh at all. When I stand the way she said they are indeed higher. Decisions decisions.

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