yay found it :-)

Discussion in 'Rosemary Conley' started by precious, 18 February 2009 Social URL.

  1. precious

    precious Gold Member

    Hi All,

    Im a big RC fan here started it back in 2007 and have tried ww but am thinking of joing this one again as i find this one alot more easier to do. Well now that i have found this bit i will be joing the rest of you guys too, EVERYONE we can DO IT :)
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  3. F.A.R

    F.A.R Gold Member

    Yaaaay welcome to our gang.

    We can so do it lol:D
  4. jakkiG

    jakkiG Full Member

    very elite gang as there doesnt seem to be many of us lol welcome
  5. F.A.R

    F.A.R Gold Member

    Oooo elite sounds very special lol
  6. jakkiG

    jakkiG Full Member

    well we are very special arent we????? course we are!!!!
  7. F.A.R

    F.A.R Gold Member

    we are an elite fighting group battling away fat. Ive got a lazer gun zappng it away lol :D

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