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YAY - Thanks Tesco - excellent vouchers

I got a booklet through this morning with 4 weekly vouchers, each giving £10 off when you spend £30 or more in store on groceries / clothes / home stuff.

There are restrictions on some things that I can understand, such as petrol, prescriptions, lottery, tobacco. BUT I'm not sure why there is a restriction on Infant Milk Formula!! (Not that I have an infant, so it won't affect me, but it seems curious).

Anyway - THANKS TESCO!!! Am on a bit of a budget next month so a saving of £10 each week will be very handy!

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That's brilliant!

Yeah, there always seems to be restrictions on Infant Milk, we get vouchers in work for them and we can only accept like 2 at a time. Strange xxx


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I hope mine are on their way! My last ones were a £4 saving on a £40 spend. I find if I don't shop with them for a while they send some.
They were in a booklet that came through the door, titled 'Take a Fresh Look' (£40 of money saving coupons inside).

I use Asda too, but like the sugar free squash at Tesco (esp the Lime one at 55p!!), and their own brand fizzy drinks are better than Asdas (which tends to go flat a bit quickly) so go there at least once a week.
Infant formula milk is excluded from all promotions to comply with leglislation. It is to encourage breastfeeding, if you notice, all the ads on tv for infant milk are for follow on milks, not 'first' milks as the companies are not allowed to advertise first milks.
Do you collect points at tesco Fern? If you do you'll probably get some x


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They were in a booklet that came through the door, titled 'Take a Fresh Look' (£40 of money saving coupons inside).

The only time I got vouchers like this was when they were renovating my local store and it was an incentive to visit when it was re-opened.

I don't think they get sent to everyone - the title suggests it would be people who haven't shopped with them for a while
Ahhhh - actually, although I HAVE been shopping with them, my Tesco club card got taken out of my purse at the start of the holidays and I keep forgetting to put it back in. So, maybe I got them because they THINK I haven't been shopping there!!
I shop in tescos every week, and all I ever seem to get is 50p till spits here and there! I think its definatly the case that its only if you either havent been there, or dont spend a lot. My partner shops at tesco weekly but only spends around £20 for the last 6 weeks they have given him £6 off when you spend £40 till spits, which he will never use....but I do :)

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