My GP has reluctantly given me the go ahead to do Lipotrim. He just rang me and phew, it was a struggle to convince him. He said why would I want to do LT when I could do Slimfast which was recommended by Dietician. I replied that I MUST have all food taken out of the equasion. No chance of eating at all - all or nothing. He was umming and ahhing but I told him it was worth a try, wasn't it? I was really trembling.

Anyway, it will have to be done through my local hospital Dietican department because my GP said he can't monitor me as the weighing scales there don't go high enough for my weight, which must be now about 31 stone or so. I will know for certain either on the 21st Sept on my appointment when I need to get my eyes photographed - a yearly thing they do for all diabetics. Or earlier if the Dietician can see me earlier. I have left a message on her voicemail as she is seeing patients all day.

What I imagine will happen is I would talk to the Dietician hopefully today on the phone. The I will ask her what she thinks is best - should I get LT to send a months supply couriered to her. Then see her, get weighed and she gives me the LT. Also she needs to know what to do about my Metformin and Rosiglitazone. Whether the dosage should be reduced or stopped. I think also she needs a pack from LT - like a training pack. I think I will phone LT now and ask them about it.

Well, it may take a few days before I start - but this is it. What I know is this will work as it is fast - there is no food to sneak in my mouth, and it is nutritious.

I am sssssooooooo happy.

Pam xxx
Pam that is fantastic news!! A first step to a brand new you!! I bet you're so excited to get started!! Just be prepared for a bad few days in the beginning, but i promise once those first few days are over you'll be feeling on top of the world! And on a journey to a brand new healthy you!!

Well done, you are so gonna do this!
Hi Pam,

Congratulations on your good news and I am so happy for you!!!

While your waiting to start I would strongly advice cutting down on your carbs as the days draw nearer to starting your weight loss journey...along with upping your water intake little by little so that you will ease into the diet more comfortable and not have severe withdrawals from the carbohydrates which can be tough for the first few days.

I have done this diet both ways....from jumping in from a last supper:eek: :( To cutting down on the carbs and I can honestly say...there is a BIG difference...

Last time I was in ketosis within 24 hours and I had no headache or withdrawal whatsoever.

Make sure now to get measured from head to toe and not forgetting upper arms and forearms along with wrists.

I find watching the inches come off all over the body very satisfying when the weight seems to slow down a bit at times.

I know Lipotrim changed my life for the better and I am so glad I made that decision...I have not looked back since then.

Sending good wishes for your weight loss journey.

Love Mini xxx
Well done Im glad youve got the go ahead.Ive just been to my GP for consent to do LL and he said he will keep my form till Friday and I can pick it up then?He seemed ok with it but Im not so sure?
Good luck with LT
I am so chuffed for you pam,chat to u later xx
excellent news, like its been said make the transition easier on yourself, by gradually cutting out as much carbs as you can, so that you will go into ketosis quicker, as then your not hungry and its so much easier to stick to this if your not feeling hungry,

good luck
OMG that's wonderful news Pam!! I'm absolutely over the moon for you! :D

Your doctor may have been reluctant but when he sees just how well you'll do on LT then he'll soon change his tune!

Good luck with starting your journey to a whole new YOU!!

Your post reminded me that I'm overdue for an eye scan myself ... oops! Must make an appointment!
hi lady in london
well here goes ans well done on being able to start lipotrim
i do mine throught my local chemist and get weighed weekly but i,m still moniterd by my doctor to it really is the best desitsion i made to start lipotrim it really was i,ve been on it for 12 weeks now lost over 4 st so far with just over the same amount to lose and i.ll do it still and with all the support of mini.s site etc the first week is hard get though that and its a dodle
debbie :D
Oh Pam, I am SO excited for you. This is just the start of a whole new life for you.
Like Mini said, measure everything, and write it down. I know it's hard, and if you're like me you'll have to join 2 tape measures together, but just do it. (or get someone else to and not tell you)
Also get side and front pictures taken against a plain background. Put them away for at least 3 months before you compare. At Lighter Life, this is compulsory, and if I could have avoided it I would have, but now I am glad I had those pictures taken - I really didn't know that was how I looked because I NEVER looked in a mirror.
I also chose not to know my starting weight. I just focussed on the weekly losses, which are all that matter. I had lost about 3 stone before I found out my starting weight, and it was a shock I can tell you.
I have i dairy of my first 60 days or so on DHH, I'll send you the link.
Lastly, make sure you have...
an electric hand blender
brita water filter
non stick baking parchment (for making crisps)
digital kitchen scales (so you can split you packs in half if you want to)
pint glass for your water
I'm sure other people will add to this list - BE PREPARED!!!
We'll all be with you, all the way.
You are a WeMitt now Pam. (We Mean It This Time) so please start posting on our forum.
Stay focussed and strong.
Ann xxx
PS Your GP obviously didn't know (nor the dietican) that Slimfast is not a nutritionally complete supplement. Lipotrim, Cambridge and Lighter Life ARE. They supply everything your body needs to stay healthy whilst you are losing the weight.
Hiya Pam

I'm sooo chuffed for you, you won't know urself in a few months!!!

Keep in touch girl


Gen xx
That's a very good point Ann and shows just how clueless the medical profession is on this issue. Imagine favouring Slimfast over LT as a treatment for obesity?? :eek:

(Not trashing slimfast you understand but it's not even in the same hemisphere as a VLCD)

Something to mention ...

you may find you suffer from constipation on a VLCD. If you want any hints and tips in 'that dept' then please just shout because most of us have been there and there's plenty of good advice to be had. Everyone who knows me will know what my advice would be ;) .... but I'll save the details until you ask for them.


Oh LIL - I am so thrilled for you! That's fantastic news!!!

As always, the minimins-ers have given you excellent advice and we are always here for you to comfort when things are tough and to congratulate you on your achievements!!!
Hi LIL, so pleased for you, this is your chance, your time, to change your entire life. Grab it with both hands, as I know you will. Come on here and post lots, that will help too.
Oh excellent! Really pleased for you Pam!

Agree about cutting the carbs. It really seems to help people.
Oh my word, what an amazing response. You have all been lovely, and thanks for the advice about things. I am copying the posts to notepad as I need to ponder over them. How do I post a pic of me I took yesterday, on this site?

Ann said something about you wanting to meet some of the WeMitts... there is a meet in London on September 30th at Henry's bar near Green Park tube from 1pm. Or if you can't make that then we're bound to do another meet soon...

(This one's not specifically WeMitts, it's loads of people from this board, the Birmingham one in November is the WeMitt's next one...)

Love xxx