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Yeehahhh! Our own thread!!


adores posting
Hi maybe you could start a thread explaining what is involved with some examples of your own to help others understand what the diet is about.

good luck with your weightloss we look forward to seeing your progress.:)
Hi folks,
I bought the 17 day diet book weeks ago and skimmed through it...basically decided yet another diet book to gather dust on my book shelves with the ten others for company:D then i watched Dr.Phil and he hugely endorses this diet...normally he does'nt entertain fad diets of any kind,so read the book again and properly this time and think it could work,it has 4 phases and there did seem lot of common sense in the book,u can lose a lot of wt on phase 1 so might give this a try...am wondering what anyone else thinks:) cheers jen
Hi everyone Im on day 1 of cycle 1 and so far have had:
Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled, raspberries, yakult, green tea
Lunch: Salad with tin of tuna in water, 2tbsp olive oil, 1tbsp balsamic vinegar and an apple, green tea
Dinner: 1 and a half chicken breast marinaded in spices, with cabbage, sprouts and asparagus in garlic
Snack: Fat free greek yogurt and green tea
Also drank 2L of water and walked for 25mins with the dog

Feeling full, struggled to buy some of the ingredients in the book such as fat free parmesan, fat free feta, probiotic cottage cheese?? Think its because its all american.
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Hi, I hope some more people join this thread soon :( well food diary for yesterday was:
Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes (frylight)
Yakult, 1/2 grapefruit, green tea
Lunch: Taco salad mmm :)with 2tbsp olive oil green tea and a pear
Dinner: Chicken and vegetable soup, green tea
Snack: Greek yogurt
Also drank 2L of water and done 20 mins on the Wii fit
Well I know its only been 2 days but i couldnt resist weighing myself, lost 2lbs! I know its only water but its going in the right direction :) woke up twice in the night for a wee which is unusal for me, feel like i live on the toilet! Although i have woke up with a headache today :S We'll see how today goes anyway.
Breakfast for today was: smoked salmon with 2 scrambled eggs, strawberry and blueberry smoothie with greek yogurt, green tea
Lunch: will be, leftover chicken and vegetable soup from yesterday
Hi Charlotte-May

We have almost the exact same stats! I'm 21, from Manchester, 5'7", start weight 154, target weight 133!

I gave this diet a go a couple of weeks ago and it worked well for me, but I got ill and put the weight back on so I am planning on starting again tomorrow.

Good luck, hope it's still working well for you

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