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Yeha !! im on day 4 !!!


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Well done on getting through the first few tough days!

I use a shaker when I'm not at home...well it's the celebrity slim one and it's no more than a sports bottle really. Anyway, first time I used it the shake came out lumpy and horrible so mow I shake it like mad and when I think it's done, shake it dome more!
I find it's not as creamy as with my hand blender but it's definitely ok!


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if you use a very small amount of boiling water with the vanilla powder and some sweetner you can make it into a paste like cookie dough. I like it alot that way I have it in work 2 times a day and its really made it easier for me than trying to drink luke-warm lumpy shakes lol
well done! im on day 3, just hit ketosis, and yep, foul breath!
How do you know if your in ketosis or not? Normal signs are that you start to feel better, but for me I've been feeling the same... Which is not hungry, no headache, signs of feint ect. Lol. But I have started to notice that I'm getting the bad breath too =x


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Hi Sayomi, very best of luck with your new challenge!
You sound to be on the right track IMHO. Bad breathe is from the ketones, you can smell it in your sweat as well if you exercise, getting very cold, feeling of hunger gone, are the first signs of ketosis after a few more days you get the feelings of elation and bounding energy (well I did but not everyone does). The withdrawals are longer for some than others. If you want to check you can pick up a ketosis stick from your pharmacy. The headaches should go away after the first week you can take plain paracetamol for them but make sure you get enough water too, definitely helps with to keep feeling full. Hope you enjoy it! And welcome to MiniMins!
Day 4 too!!

Also on Day Four and doing ok, the headaches from Day One and coldness have gone. Looking at doing this for six weeks until have a family celebration, when I cant possibly do LT, then will either go back on afterwards or do WW to get to a more sustainable weekly loss, it depends on how the results go over the next six weeks?? Weigh in Tuesday next, should keep me motivated for the weekend!


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Hi Suzie, thanks for joining us, how much are you planning on loosing?
Must do a ticker... would love to lose 4 stone ultimately to get down to pre baby weight, I have 5 little helpers at home, but they all getting big now, so the weight went on after I had them and not with the pregnancies!!! I just have so much on the first two weeks of September, I dont know how I can keep it going those 2 weeks? So will work really hard until then for 6 weeks and start a refeed and perhaps start again. Ideally would like to lose 2 stone in the next 6 weeks, we'll see how goes. I am on holidays next Sat week for 2 1/2 weeks so want to be well in the swing to keep it going while out there!!

Am having problems some days getting the third shake down, any advice is it bad just to have 2 shakes, some days?

You all are such an inspiration...I hope to be posting positive results soon, roll on Tuesday


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Ohhhh lovely!!! Your not short of company in your house so!!
You'll have that off in 6 weeks I'd say because the first week usually gets a lot of the toxins and stuff out of your body. If you stick to it for the next 6 weeks you won't know yourself with the energy you'll have and when your shape starts to change its very inspiring! Others might disagree but I think a 6 week stint is plenty at a time, if you take your two weeks then and go back on it you could loose another 1.5 stone then in another 6 week stint? You could be almost at goal by the end of October - how super would that be?!
Love and hugs hope you've a lovely day

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