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Yesterday and Today

Well yesterday afternoon from 6.00pm was a nightmare to say the least. I swear those hamburger stands, hotdog stands and the bars know my name. All I could all game coming from those stands was Mark Mark Mark. I could swear that the natural elements were out to get me as well. There was no wind to speak of when I 1st got there but 5 minutes in, the wind picked up and started blowing in my direction which bought with it a mulitude of junk food smells, chips, burgers, fried chicken. The worst thing was I had forgotten to drink a shake before I got there so I was extremely hungr as I had last consumed a shake at 12.30pm.

Well to cut a long story short, Team Pink, I remain unblemished. Team Blue, stronger than ever because if I could resist eating yesterday I can resist anytime I want. This diet is easy.

And today, well it is Saturday and I will be installing my home gym, what a mission that is going to be but it has to be done and of course diet diet diet.
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Mark that is brilliant, It's so hard passing fast food stands:)

My bottom lip quivers every time I pass a kfc in the car.

Well done you:)
Thanks Kelly, you to by the way as per my reply to your post. I pass a KFC everytime I go home from work. I used have the window open, not it is firmly shut but you know, the gods are against us, the smell just keeps coming in, and next to KFC is Pizzahut, so yeah we have it tough.
Poor Mark
Even as a veggie, those burger stalls smell nice when all you have to look forward to is a pink drink :)

I ride past the cocoa mills in hull every night, and the smell is heavenly, even though ch.... Is not my " thang"

But I ride another mile and then I pass mauri yeast, and bleurgh! That puts me back on the straight n narrow :)
Hi Mark

It's so hard isn't it? I think you did extra well as you hadn't had anything to eat (drink) for ages. I've just had a yummy banana shake and don't feel hungry but if someone gave me a bacon sandwich right now I would jusy love to chew on it. :)

Anyway imagine how good we're all going to feel when we're all slim and sexy.


Are We There Yet?
Well done Mark! You did really well mate. Even if you are blue! lol

My partner sat eating a chinese takeaway last night. I just had to pretend he does not exist lol
Thanks to everyone, I was rather proud of myself. Mojobrad, if you are a member of the Pink Team I need to know where you live so I can bring you Bacon sandwich
Well done Mark :D My OH has friends visiting from out of town, curry and beers, I don't even like curry but I wanted to rip their arms off to get it :S
We need to bulk buy some of those nose pegs they have for synchronized swimming!
Thanks to everyone, I was rather proud of myself. Mojobrad, if you are a member of the Pink Team I need to know where you live so I can bring you Bacon sandwich
I wonder how a bacon sandwich would fare after being through the royal mail service :S
well dun markkk even though you are in the blue team :D takes a lot of will power to stay away from food....but don't think you have won as yet lol as the pink members includin maself are doing welll up til now
:D hehehe
Well the gym is up and I am knackered, thank goodness my wife halped with all the pullies and runners and and and. I was lost, you see woman are good for somethings. I tried the gym and it going to be used regulaly, hard work but good work.
Just waiting for the exersise bike now.


is slowly shrinking

i bought some looly mould today and done some lollipops. they are lovely, thanks whoever mentioned this, think it was shorty ?
and they last longer than a shake.
just gotta find something to do with those dam soups now.


reaching my goal
WELL DONE MARK!:clap::clap:
Hope you enjoy your new gym, they are horrible to put up arent they and women are good for a lot of things mark;)
Hey Rose, thanks. You have been very good at this diet in your 1st week, I am looking forward to see your results.

Calli, those damn soups are nice and you only have 18lbs to go. Why not stay on the shakes and suck on those new found lollies of yours. I know you paid for the soups and have to use them but try a week without then. How many soups have you got left?