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    Apologies, this is a self-indulgent thread, bit of a whine and pat on the back. Just letting off a bit of steam ....

    Had a really bad day at work yesterday, including fighting with the boss (just verbal, not actual fisticuffs!) and everything that could go wrong, did.

    Those sorts of situations are usually a trigger for me. I really had to work hard not to go out at lunchtime and buy rubbish food (or any food for that matter). Ended up giving my purse to my colleague - the one person at work who knows about LL - so I couldn't be tempted. Had a toffee bar instead, and noticed I was actually eating angrily, if you know what I mean - aggressive chewing!!!!

    Even tried to convince myself that the hot choc from the vending machine was just like a food pack!

    Walking past all the takeaways on my way home was a struggle. The Chinese, the chippy, etc all looked - and smelled - so appealing.

    But, I did it. Got home, had a soup instead. Figured that I was cross with other people, if I'd given in, I'd have had to be cross with myself instead.
    Our bathroom's been ripped out so couldn't even have a long soak in the tub to cheer myself up.
    Was having a cold day, so gave up trying to keep warm and went to bed at 8.30! Still, this morning I feel much better for the good night's sleep.

    So, I've got through my toughest challenge yet and am feeling quite pleased with myself. :D
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    You must be so proud of yourself,it was such a emotionally stressfull day for u and no matter what temptations were there you just kept your eye on the prize and ignired them all, u deserve to be soooo proud of yourself, well done xxxx
  4. Happe

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    Dont yoy just hate days like that?! But you got through it without cheating and you should be very proud of yourself.
    Ive got a diary and when ever i feel stressed like that ive taken to writing it all down, pages of vitriol sometimes but i feel so much better afterwards.
  5. gaijingirl

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    Wow...well done - I bet you feel really really good about yourself now though eh?!? That's what I like about this diet - when I've done other "conventional" diets, I've always convinced myself that such situations are special cases and I can make up for the overindulgence later (which of course I never do). Whereas LL has forced me to deal with the problems without using food. It's been tough and really brought home to me that any reason to eat will do. Angry? Eat. Happy? Eat. Sad? Eat. Bored? Eat. etc etc....

    Just think - if you got through that you can get through anything really!! :)
  6. mags1x

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    Well done, thats such a great achievement that you dealt with it without giving in! You now KNOW that you are capable of it and nothing will stop you now!

    re the money thing, I actually don't take money to work with me for that reason, could that be an option? Or only take the money you need if you have any expenses like buses etc?

    Well Done though!!!

  7. Ann2shoes

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    Well done - well done - well done! You`ve overcome a major hurdle, connecting eating with your feelings, as we all do or have done. I ceased abstience at the back end of November last year, am still more or less the same weight but still battling my `foodie feelings` daily.
    But nothing, nothing beats the feeling of being free of your excess weight. Keep up the good work.
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