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Yet another newbie! a nice confused one that needs help please....

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Hi Everyone,

I only came across this website this morning purely by accident and since then i've been hooked.

Basically i'm 29 and have pretty much the exact same body shape as Claire Sweeney had when she ate what she wanted for 6 weeks (the documentary that was shown the other night). Watching that programme has spurred me onto actually doing something about losing weight.

I go to the gym 3 times a week (my partner is obsessed by the gym) but I don't really push myself there so at least thats an area I know I can work on and already have my exercises ready to start tonight.

My main problem is eating...i LOVE it! especially all the bad stuff, i'm also very good at being in denial of what i'm eating, i.e. I told my partner a week ago that i'd started a fruit & veg only diet so in the evenings i'm eating very healthily, but during the day i'm having bacon baps for my breakfast & McDonalds or fish and chips for lunch.

Help........I don't want to follow a crash diet and don't have the money to sign up to a slimmers group, I would just like some help and support so that I can lose nearly 2 stone by the end of March in a healthy way.
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Hi and welcome. Are you intending to eat healthily with lots of fruit and veg? You don't have to go to a class there's plenty of info on the web and in magazines

Good luck

Irene xx
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Thanks Irene,

Yes, i'm hoping to eat healthy. I just want to cut junk food totally out of my diet, i think it's just hard psychologically as it tastes so good and I'm used to not eating healthy food.
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Join the club Vicster,
I decided last week that i HAD to do something about this. Today I bought scales for the first time in years (that's a big steb) and I've just weighed myself-aaarghh!!
I want to lose 2 stones by the end of March as well and would like to have a matey to do it- are you with me?



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Hiya Vicster, my mum and friends all use slimming world, the food is yummy having tried a few when i visited mates before going on the CD. Also have a few friends who have lost loads by just being sensible and eating well. Unfortunately for me i have no will power so i am on the CD and it seems to work for me. I think if you tell yourself you cant have something then you crave it more and more and more till you cant stand it. Everything in moderation should be a moto of mine! Unfortunately i cant follow my own advice so have now resorted to a very low calorie diet to shift my weight!

Good luck with whatever you decide to do and i hope you get to where you want to be.

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Siw - I'm with you, it's my 30th birthday at the end of March and really want to start that period of my life being fit, healthy and looking hot! Plus I want an excuse to buy an amazing sexy expensive dress to show my new body off! lol. Lets start today, i don't have scales yet, so i'm going to get a pair tomorrow.

Mollymoo - isn't it always the way? we can never follow our own advice but excellent at providing it! I like your moto though and you are right that if you deny yourself then you want it more.

I'm so excited that i've finally decided to do something about it!

Cheers xx
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Let's go then.
Do we carry on on this thread or shall we start another one, or even e-mailing? I sooooo want to do this and I need support to push me!:rolleyes:


will beat the bulge!!
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Hi hun xx Good luck and welcome :)
If you've no money for slimming clubs have you tried healthy eating or calorie counting and making sure you do exercise 3-5 days a week.. xx
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:wavey: Hi vicster and welcome to minimins. Looks like you have quite a support group going there :)
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Hi Everyone, i must admit this forum is very friendly and supportive.

Well, today I started with a nice cup of green tea, porridge and about to go buy some scales with body fat monitor. I think it helps knowing that there's other people in the same boat on this forum, so to me it seems quite motivational to do well.
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Today I had grilled bacon sandwich (sounds like I'm not on a diet at all! I've made a soup for lunch and tonight I'll have chicken stir fry!
This time of the day I do tend to be a bit peckish because I eat by breakfast at 7am b4 leaving to work.
You're right Vicster, this forum is grat for motivation!
Good luck for the hours ahead! xx
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Siw i've added you as a friend not sure how this forum works though.

Sounds like your brekkie was more exciting than mine, i've got home made soup as well that i made last night, tastes vile though!


This is for ME!
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Hello to both of you, having a diet bud is a fantastic idea :) Good luck to you both, keep posting for support it really does help. Theres a wee tutorials bit on the blue bar and a really good guide around minis on this part in the "stickys" really helpful. x


Is determined this time..
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hey welcome , you will find a lot of motivation and encouragemrnt here ;)
I'm aiming to loose about 2 stones too, as my current weight is 11 stone I think its going to take longer than 3 months though. I am guessing around 6months for me. I cannot afford to join dieting clubs either so I am calorie counting. Pretty simple really, I choose foods where the calorific content can easily be measured and I try to make sure I don't go over 1200 calories. I am expecting I will not loose more than 1lb a week as my daily calorific needs are 1826. but better there eventually than never huh?
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Vicster, how's it going?
I've had a good weekend, even though I had a few glasses of wine, but I'm not gonna cut everything out! I'm looking forward to weigh myself on Thursday. Even though I've only been changing my eating pattern for a week, I feel better already! :D
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Hi i like you am also new, and like you just love love love to eat! I like you cant afford to attend Slimming clubs but am doing the weight watchers diet as my boyfiend has all of the books etc from when he joined, it might be an idea to ask around friends and family to see if they have any unwanted meeting stuff or books ect you could copy? or follow a calorie controled diet as ther are endless calorie counters on the net. Good luck! you can do it!!! x

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