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Yet another poo thread! Sorry!

I've read about and seen that lots of people on this diet experience bloating and constipation, and the fibreclear is a bit of a solution for that.

What I was wondering was.... has anyone gone the other way?? :eek: Except for me that is??:rolleyes:

I cant see any possible way around this though!
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i'd rather be like that than constipated though.
i still go a few times a day which is fine by me. at least it wont add to my weight loss.
Thanks for that. I've found I have to be very very careful at the minute... I find that if I even want to (ahem) break wind, I need to be in the loo to do it. Thought it might have had something to do with my IBS which would make me go often anyway.
I have had normal movements for the first 3 weeks of LT, then i got severe diarrhoea and had to take imodium.... Now, i cannot go easily so i take fibre clear every day, and senakot once a week!!!! lol

Hope you feel better soon x x
Thanks Slimmersu.... I sound like a right old misery guts don't I? Thanks for all the advice. I'm kind of used to it in a little way but maybe not so often. I'm not a great believer in immodium though.. from years of having IBS I beleive if something is bothering you that much, it's best just to let it work out of your system.


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I had diarrhoea during the first week, and then was normal until last week when I was a bit bunged up :( Seem ok again now. Hope things settle for you soon xx

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