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Yey! I got through 4 weeks.......


Right ok, well I'm fairly new to this but my Mum (Russian Doll) said I should give it a go - so here I am.

I am now coming to the end of week three. This is the 2nd attempt of Cambridge - first one was a bit of a disaster. After doing really well in week one I cheated relentlessly and completely fell off the wagon until I gave up!

This time it is different. I have a lot more motivation! I used to be in the Royal Marines, I used to be slim and I used to be fit. I miss my mountain biking, hill walking, canoeing, swimming, well everything actually! I left the Royal Marines in 2001 with a bad knee injury, which still plagues me, even after 3 operations. To make matters worse I developed a tumour on my thyroid when I was 18 which caused me to gain weight rapidly before it was removed. Without realising it, I had gone up 3 dress sizes in little over a month! And thats been me, for 5 years, just accepting that I'm overweight but now I don't want to be this person. I want to live my life to its full potential, doing all the things I want to do before it's too late. My husband is a Royal Marine and he is very fit. We both like to walk but I slow him down. Its stuff like that I want to change, and I will change!

So I embarked on the Cambridge diet again. The only restriction is the money. I am a student and I hope I can afford to keep going! This time I have been ANGELIC! It helps that my husband is away with the marines but he's home on Wednesday so I'll let you know how that goes! I don't really have a big goal as such. At the moment I just want to get from a size 20 to a size 16 - just as a start. I have already managed to get to an 18 so things are going well. I want to go further but I'm taking small steps, otherwise I may just overwhelm myself!

Week 1= A loss of 13lb and 14.5 inches :)
Week 2= A loss of 3lb but another 18.5 inches :)
Week 3= I don't think I've lost much weight this week, but I feel confident that I've lost more inches which is what I'm really bothered about! I'll let you know on Monday!

Anyway I'm going to try and keep this diary up to date. I think it'll help me stay focussed! Finger Crossed!
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Hi Amy V
Welcome to the boards - it's so therapeutic to keep a diary ... it really does help. Keep posting and visiting the boards - and if you get cheesed off, then pay a visit to the arcade, a really good distraction technique!

I'm mega impressed with your determination this time - keep it up as long as you can (finances permitting!) and you'll soon be in those 16s ... and who knows from there?

My aim is to be close to goal by the time I go back to Uni ... can't wait to see people's faces: leave Uni a size 20 and return a size 14 :D ... I just can't imagine it as I haven't been a size 14 since before I had you but I can dream!

Anyway - keep up the great work. What time is your weigh-in? Mine is at 5:30 so we can swap results!
Catch you later

Mum xx
Hi Mum,

I know you'll acieve your goal, I'm hoping I can achieve mine! My weigh in is normally around 7ish, so I'll call you after and we can swap!

and Hi Sonkie, thanks for the kind words of support!

Hmmm I'm gonna have a choc milkshake now..........
I chopped up a peanut bar a while ago and put it in the freezer to go nice and solid .... that's going to be my nibbly treat tonight for when we all settle down to watch Europe's biggest cheese-fest... EUROVISION!!! Yayyyy :D

It's rubbish, it's pants but I love it - especially St Terry W and his priceless comments!

Who knows - we might even get a few points this year with our cheesy, camp offering ;)
Come on Scooch!!!

Well done both of you for taking the bull by the horns and going for it.

Fingers crossed for Monday x


Gold Member
Hi Mum,

I know you'll acieve your goal, I'm hoping I can achieve mine! My weigh in is normally around 7ish, so I'll call you after and we can swap!

and Hi Sonkie, thanks for the kind words of support!

Hmmm I'm gonna have a choc milkshake now..........

Hey whereabouts in Plymouth are you......and which cdc do you go to.??????
A few of us who live in Plymouth are meeting up in August for a night on the town if you are up for it.
I'm visiting Amy that week Sonkie - that's how I'm able to come along to the meet! :)

Amy - you up for it?


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Hi Amy

Welcome to the site! If you are anything like your mum, then you will really succeed! She is a fantastic person, and I love her to bits! Hope you can make the meet in August with your mum. As for you, "young lady" (motherly voice here) this is the best thing you can do, you have the rest of your life to live, a few months out won't make a lot of difference now, but from goal onwards is a different kettle of fish! Keep posting.
Oh course I'm up for it!! I'm a student!

I go to see Jo Jenkins in Plymstock (I think, still not got a clue where anywhere is in Plymouth other than the city centre!)

Poor Scooch - still they managed 19 points, 12 from Malta?!?!? Crazy!

Hi Eclipse, Thanks so much for your lovely message. I really hope to do this, even if I run out of money (quite a common occurance), I'll still eat really well until I can re-start - I really want to succeed!

I'm so glad that I have started to post as the encouragement from the group is so inspiring.

Thanks again. xx
Hi Everyone,

I wanted to change the title of this thread but for some reason can't, but hey nevermind, worse things have happened.

Well it's not my weigh in til tomorrow but I did my measurements tonight. I have lost another 10 inches from various parts of my body making 43 inches in 3 weeks and I'm CHUFFED!!!

I put on my favourite pair of trousers today and I'm not kidding, without my belt they would have been around my ankles! This is the first time I have really noticed and it has just inspired me even more!

I have managed to find more funds (thanks overdraft) so I will battle on another week!

Will update you tomorrow on weight loss!

Big Smiley Smiles


Intuitive Eater
Hello and welcome! I enjoyed reading your post. You definitely sound like a slim, fit girl who enjoys the outdoors so I know you will get back to the body shape you want very soon. Good luck and don't give up. Your mum and everyone here will give you loads of support!! :)
Yes ... good luck Amy - I've got my fingers crossed for you!
Okey Dokey then!

Just got home from weigh in number 3 and.......................

..............I lost 3.5lb! All is good, I am now down in the 14st bracket!! YEY.
Well done Amy!! Have you noticed we're within a pound of each other??

Let the race commence!! ;)

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