Yippee good weigh in !!!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Me2u1605, 13 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Me2u1605

    Me2u1605 Full Member

    Hi all I was so nervous about today because my first weigh in..I did it and I have lost 5.5lb, can't believe it, the only problem is you always lose more on your first Weigh in, I was told that any way, but thank you to everyone on here for the helpful tips and the support you have given me. Hopefully my journey will be a good one with all the support I am getting and good luck to you all for your weight loses. Tracy
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  3. Well done on your weight loss this week :)
  4. Me2u1605

    Me2u1605 Full Member

    Thank you :) x
  5. tattoominx

    tattoominx Full Member

    well done again babe xx
  6. walli31

    walli31 Full Member

    That's fantastic well done :)
  7. babypat

    babypat Gold Member

    Congrats on ur loss. Good luck with SW.
  8. Caroline2804

    Caroline2804 Member

    That's fantastic, welldone. It's my first week back on SW (weigh in tomorrow) so I'm feeling the nerves too. Hope you have another successful week :0)
  9. Purple-Ney

    Purple-Ney Full Member

    Well done keep it up!
  10. bergie

    bergie Member

    That's great! Just finished my first week too and lost 8.5lb?! but am aware that's not going to happen ever again lol
  11. walli31

    walli31 Full Member

    Wow 8 and a half in a week that's fantastic :)
  12. bergie

    bergie Member

    Thanks! I ate chocolate every night as well! I'm just hoping it wasn't a fluke!
  13. Purple-Ney

    Purple-Ney Full Member

    Well done Bergie, that's the beauty of slimming world you can still have those things and lose weight. Good luck keep it up,
  14. bergie

    bergie Member

    Thank you :) it's deffo by far the easiest diet I've been on, but I need to remember now that it's a way of life not a diet!
  15. Me2u1605

    Me2u1605 Full Member

    Wow 8.5lb omg that is fantastic Well Done x
  16. Lailah

    Lailah Member

    Well done!x
  17. Smuffin

    Smuffin Full Member

    Wow well done to you both!! :)

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