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Yippee TGIF (",)


Gotta Make A Change
Yeah weekend is almost here
damn the winter weeks are going by so quick
just can't wait for Xmas
what you lovely
got planned today and for the weekend?
I have a wedding party tonight, and a wedding on Sunday glad i've got Saturday to reminise
and just chill
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I plan on sleeping as much as I can!!!! This week has been tough! First week back at work after 10 months off on maternity leave, and my youngest has been waking up in the night and my 4 yr old thinks 6am is the new getting up time
I'm heading off right now and will be away for the whole weekend. Will miss the kids, but gonna have a fab time in Edinburgh with some mates from a different chat site - we've met quite a few times and always have a ball! Weather today likely to be wet and windy, but not too bad for Sat/Sun. I'm excited!

Right - must off as I have to fit in a half day at work and a long drive to get there today.

Hope everyone else has fun things planned xx


Gotta Make A Change
Both you ladies seem your gonna have a fab time, is there anything better than sleep :)
Edinburgh that sounds like fun t.I :)
TGIF indeed, though a very quick week having been home ill for 2 days. lol

No plans - hubby will be working madly on my lil car, getting it put back together. He has done a complete engine rebuild - and now is putting it back together. SO while he is doing that I shall be tinkering around the house. Maybe make some jewelery. Depends on my neck - may be laying down a lot. lol

Definately a couple long walks in order - and I hope its raining lightly for them. I love the rain, and love being out in it, as long as I don;t have to look nice at my destination! :D

Other then that - not much on tap.

Ken - did you start RTM yesterday? How do you feel? :D


Gotta Make A Change
No starting today
feel well nervous
probably either have egg whites with cabbage or chicken and celery
sounds delicious ken ?!? enjoy

ive got a weekend with no husband as hes just left for prague. its his mates 40th so there's a group of them off.

tomorrow my youngest has 2 parties as well as ballet and swimming - im having to miss weigh in and my aerobics so i'm a bit miffed about that!

im going to enjoy sunday doing as little as possible. my hubby usually works away in the week but has been at home the last 6 weeks so i'm actually looking forward to a bit of time without him! ( does that sound awful?! - i will miss him really, but its nice to have my own space occasionally, well along with 3 kids, lol!)

daisy x


Making it all add up
Good luck with RTM Ken!

TGIF (not so sure) have 8hrs of knocking layer after layer of tiles off bathroom walls planned for Saturday :( Sunday better - Rugby all day :)


Gotta Make A Change
Yeah thanks Sean :)
sure I won't have a problem
with rtm plus i'm
off on holiday on Monday :)
i'm actually looking forward to a bit of time without him! ( does that sound awful?! - i will miss him really, but its nice to have my own space occasionally, well along with 3 kids, lol!)

daisy x
Absolutely does not sound awful. "me" time is essential for EVERYONE....husbands as well as wives.

I have a lot of ME time, with hubby's shifts and insane overtime drive - but its healthy I think. Makes the times when hes around more special.

Mins thuogh, is off for a month ont he 31st. :( Thats a bit more ME time then I want. Hey ho. :)


Gotta Make A Change
Mmmm just finished reading the RTM
book i'm gonna ave a good time writing in the journal :)
I agree ME time is important :)
looking for my bloody angels and demons DVD not to be found anywhere :-(
oh lucky it was under the bed :)
I start 2 weeks holiday at 3pm today - hurrah.
Nothing planned for saturday but hopefully if the weather improves will go to Edinburgh Zoo on sunday to see Mercedes the Polar Bear before she moves to her new home further north.
Whoever is coming to Edinburgh for the weekend - bring a brolly ...the rain is just starting and it's cold and a bit windy ....hopefully you will bring some better weather with you :D
Well, i will be working all weekend, start at 2 today and finish at 2 tomorrow so will be thinking of you all enjoying your weddings, holidays, tinkering, DIY,trips to the zoo and doing kiddie stuff lol.
MMMMM, egg whites and cabbage:eek:
Have fun:D
Egg whites & cabbage, well that is something to look forward to! NOT! lol

Good luck with RTM Ken, you will be great!

Kat xx
TGIF indeed!

My weekend - well I am leaving work at about 1500 today as I start earlier than usual on Fridays at the moment.

I am going to a friends tonight for a movie and a catch up.

Bit of shopping tomorrow morning, driving lesson at 1445. 1645 going to watch England play football. Night at my sister & bro in laws for dinner and a movie.

Sunday morning shopping in cabots Circus in Bristol with my sister then Sunday afternoon I am going flying with my bro in law 3500ft up! woo hoo (fingers crossed for the weather)

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.

Kat :) xx


Gotta Make A Change
Thanks kat :)
I'd rather have 2 peanut bars though lol
but I've finally done my shopping and ch****n it will be :)
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OMG those kind of put you off RTM don't they. Think I could manage the second one but egg whites and cabbage!!!
All part of the LL journey I suppose. :confused:

I am off to Newcastle tomorrow to watch Disney Princess wishes on Ice! I love having little girls!
Doing a bit of shopping at Ikea and hopefully visiting Bravissimo afterwards as that is the nearest one to me in the rural cumbria.
Sunday is a large clean up in my conservatory which is used as a playroom room and I seem to have lost the floor so what fun that will be.
Hope everyone has a great weekend though.
milli x


Gotta Make A Change
Cabbage mmmmm
maybe not with egg whites though lol
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I have no idea yet!

Usually the best weekends! :p

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