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Yo-Yo's Celebrity Slim diet

Hello all, well I have started today. I had a 'last supper' of Pizza Hut pizza and garlic bread last night and now I'm raring to go, and bidding a fond farewell to carbs!

Some of you may have seen me around the several different boards (oops) over the last 18 months or so. In a nutshell, I'm nearly 34, mother of two boys aged 12 and 6, live in West Yorkshire and am a civilian worker for the police (thus sat on my backside for nearly 9-hours per day). I struggle to find time to go to the gym and hardly get any exercise so I'm going to challenge myself to get out walking that little bit more.

I've done LL (lost 3st 4lbs however 18 months later I have re-gained 4st 2lbs) In-between these and indeed for the last 11 years I have done, calorie counting, weight watchers and slimming world several times. I most recently had a go at Cambridge but struggled with the latter as the 'sole source honeymoon period' was over when I tried it, and I rebelled against sole sourcing.

I've been thinking about doing Celebrity Slim for a while, but "rebellious child" kept finding reasons why I shouldn't do it. In the meantime I keep losing and gaining the same five pounds (I put 4lbs on in the last week alone!).

I'm really lucky to have a Rowlands Pharmacy just a mile away from my house (and en route to pick my eldest son up from school) so there's no excuses not to run out of packs etc..

I also enjoy all foods (you don't get a figure like this by not eating LOL) and I love protein foods with veggies. Not so keen on fruit though, but I love nuts cheese and eggs too. I can't see this being a problem to fit in with my life. I like the idea that with this diet, you can actually eat.

So - weight today: 14st 9lbs. I'm not sure where I want to be, but at least 11.5. If I can lose an average of 2lbs per week I can be where I want to be by August: Judging by my Lighter Life stats my dress size (especially the bottoms) correlates to my weight as:
14st 7lbs = size 18
14st = size 16/18
13st 7lbs = size 16
13st = size 14/16
12st 7lbs = size 14
12st = size 14
11st 7lbs = large 12 - small 14
11st = 12
10st 7lbs = large 10 - 12

The amount of food I can put away is shocking and I know now that it's down to craving sugar. I've noticed myself that when I cut down on carbs and don't feel hungry that it's easier to lose / maintain weight but as soon as I get that craving for carbs that's it, however I've never had the guts (or inclination) to do a proper low carb diet. Hopefully the milkshakes and bars will give me the sugar hits I need while doing the diet.

I'd love to hear any comments on my food diary or tips, especially that I am doing it correctly! Thanks for listening (if there is anyone out there LOL)
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Day 1: Saturday 28th Feb

I'm just off to bed in a minute and thought I would update..Today has been fine and I haven't struggled at all, I have had the odd hunger pang but nothing I couldn't cope with. I really don't know if I am doing this right so if there are any experts out there who know what they are doing your comments would be appreciated

1. Chocolate Shake (very nice, very creamy)

2. Roast Chicken Soup (alright, but not sure I'd bother to have this regularly, I tend to have a sweet tooth)

3. Matteson's Sausage, heinz Mayonnaise

4. Boiled Egg, couple of slices of wafer thin ham, mayonnaise.

5. Tuna Steak, Salad leaves, Mayonnaise

6. Packet of fridge raiders.

I've logged this on Weight Loss Resources website, which shows total calories as 1118, which I am pleased about, as when I have tried to eat this few calories on a normal diet, I've reached this about lunchtime then caved in and binged, so I'm glad I haven't felt hungry with it, and I don't feel that it's a VLCD..I ate roughley every 2-3 hours.

Exercise: Not much, needed to go to town, so roughly 25 minutes walking in total.

Carbs: 64.9g (22.6%)
Protein: 109.5g (40.6%)
Fat: 44.15 (36.8%)


Always Struggling...
Well done, Yo-Yo-Dieter! Looks like you are off to a flying start! Keep it up! :)

I also have a sweet tooth so I prefer shakes and bars to the soups. I tried the Roast Chicken soup and didn't really like it. I thought it tasted very thick, pasty and just generally not very nice! (Sorry to all CS chicken soup lovers!)

I used to use WLR to record mt kcal count too. The support on there is great! I'm not recording kcals at the moment. I'm just using CS and following it 100%.

Your menu looks fine, although I'm not sure what the rule is on Mayonnaise (since I don't eat it). Not sure how many carbs it has in it etc.

Good luck for Day 2! And the rest of the week! Remember to look forward to your weigh in. Every time you feel like giving up, think of the weight you could lose if you didn't cheat!

Day 2: Sunday 1st March

White rabbits, everyone!

Another good day, I got weighed this morning and was 14st 7.4lbs, which is 1.6lbs down on yesterday. I also peed on a ketostix this afternoon, and it showed positive for traces, so that's happened quickly!

1. 30g mixed nuts

2. Sachet of Country Beef soup

3. 75g Mattesson's Sausage, 8g mayonnaise.

4. Chocolate Shake.

5. Tuna Steak, Salad Leaves, 20g Mayonnaise.

6. 30g Cheese

WLR shows I have eaten 1171 calories today.
Protein: 34.5% - 99.2g
Carbs: 19.5% - 59.8g
Fat: 45.9% - 58.6g (which looks bad, but a lot of the fat was from the nuts, although a lot was from the sausage so I might have to re-think that, but it has zero carbs)

Had a read up, and I guess I am eating not as many carbs as I should be? Will I be okay carrying on at this rate, or is there anything I can eat, which I should maybe introduce?

As for the Mayonnaise, it's Heinz proper stuff (not low fat) it has 3g per 100g of which 2.9g is sugar but in an average 15g serving that's only 0.5g carb, so I figured that would be okay?
Wow! I got on the scales this morning (I weigh myself every day but only take notice of the official weight - which is a Saturday morning in this case - and I was down to 14st 5.6lbs! I can't believe it. In fact, I am sure that when I get on the scales tomorrow, I am gonna be 2lbs heavier!.

I'm going to Rowlands this afternoon to buy a few bars as I need them for work days. I was struggling to think of stuff to take to work today, I think I need to do a shopping list and buy a few work friendly bits for the rest of the week.
Hello Soozy, I'm from Bradford too!
Day 3: Monday 2nd March

Yep, done okay again today. I was a bit worried as it was my first day at work on the plan and I was worried I would be hungry.

1. 2 x rashers of bacon, 1 x egg (scrambled).

2. 30g nuts.

3. 75g Mattesson's Sausage

4. 1/2 Celebrity Slim Bar

5. Strawberry Milk Shake.

6. Lamb steak (98g), floret mix, gravy (50mls).

Calories: 1202
Protein: 91.7g (31.6%)
Carbs: 39.5g (12.8%)
Fat: 71.7g (55.6%)

Think I am going to say goodbye to the Mattesson's sausage and start taking wafer thin meat instead.

I note I have also cocked up by just having 1.5 CS 'meals' rather than two but it's not the end of the world. I bought two bars today and had half the berry one, which was alright, I just bought one of each to see if I liked them but I pass the chemists every week day so I will go and buy some more tomorrow.

They went through the till as get 11 for the price of 10 if anyone buys bars in bulk, I don't know if this is a recent offer or a long standing one.
HI there - well done to you !! You are doing brilliantly! The website where you can track your calories sounds great - do you have to pay to subscribe or anything or is it free? Is it just called Weight Loss Resource if I google it?

Mummyschmoo, no unfortunately it's not free, it's a site where you pay monthly, I think I pay £9.74 per month but I have been a member for ages (on and off) and it's a very valuable resource. The message boards aren't as friendly as they are on here though, you get shot down in flames if you tell them you are on a meal replacement diet!

Weight this morning: 14st 4.4lbs!!!!!!!!!! This diet really works. I hope I can stick with it long enough to lose at least three stones
Day 4: Tuesday 3rd March

A bit of an early update from me as I am off to the footy this evening. I tested my urine again today and it showed negative however I wasn't hungry at all today...

1. 2 x eggs, 13g cheese (I am pretending not to have read the bit that says you can only have 1-2 per week).

2. 1/2 Celebrity Slim bar.

3. 40g mixed nuts (the bag was 100g, and I'd had 2 x 30g portions since I started this, so thought I might as well finish the bag off today).

4. Chocolate shake.

5. Roast Lamb slices from a joint (150g)

6. Whoops!

Total for day: 1092
Carbs: 41.9g (15.2%)
Protein: 72.9g (28.2%)
Fat: 65.3g (56.7%)

I'm not too impressed about my fat levels being so high but it's not gonna be forever and they're "healthy" fats from fish, nuts and meats etc...

I also had a wee bit of exercise today walking up to town and back at lunchtime (20 minutes in total)
Day 5. Wednesday 4th March

This is the first day I have felt like caving in. Not because I was hungry but because I was bored and tired. It's boredom eating that's got me into this mess!

Unofficial weigh in this morning - 0.2lbs down on yesterday, so 14st 4.2lbs. I'm definitely feeling less bloated and swollen which is good. Hopefully it wont be too long before I'm waking up below 14st.

1. CS Bar (have decided I'm really not struck on the bars, I probably wouldn't have one every day)

2. Tesco chicken Tikka slices (170g pack).

3. 2 x baby bel cheeses

4. Banana shake (by far the nicest I have had so far. When I was doing LL and CD I only had one banana shake as I didn't like the after taste they left, but this one was blooming lovely!)

5. 133g chicken breast, stir-fry veggies, packet stir-in spicy sauce.

total for day: 1040
Protein: 121g (51.8%)
Carbs: 57.4g (23%)
Fat: 26.1g (25.1%)

Walked up to town and back again at lunch (approximately 20 minutes)
Day 6 - Thursday 5th March

Had a bit of a strange day, felt like packing the plan in because I was bored but thankfully because I didn't feel hungry, I managed to stay strong. I know I am not following the plan properly because I am only having one celebrity slim meal per day rather than two, and I am only having five meals per day rather than six, but I think it's working this way.

Bought myself some new ugg-type (ie cheapie) boots today as a reward for doing well so far. One day I'd love to be able to wear them with a pair of jeans and NOT have my legs looking like tree-trunks, or wearing them with thick black tights and a denim mini-skirt.

1. 2 x eggs scrambled (this was part of the breakfast butty run, my usual poison is a sausage and fried egg butty, I hadn't bought myself any breakfast into work today but was able to take part by having scrambled eggs boxed up).

2. A slice of birthday cake from someone in our office who was 30. I only had a tiny sliver though and as you can tell from my diary I have been really good all week.

3. Tesco chicken tikka slices, american style salad, 20g mayonnaise. (this was so simple but flipping delicious!!!)

4. Caramel milkshake - my first one of this flavour, very nice too.

5. 130g beef medallion, broccolli/carrots/cauli and gravy.


Total calories: 1082
Protein: 121.5g (45.7%)
Carbs: 62.7g (22.1%)
Fat: 37.9g (32.1%)

One thing I did impress myself with - I had the cake at about 10am, and normally I would have thought "Right, I've blown it now, might as well go mad" but I didn't....secondly I had taken 30g of nuts as my snack (before I knew there would be cake) and I thought I had best not have the nuts and keep my calorie levels low. Normally I would have had a nagging voice in my head all day saying "eat the nuts...get them out of your bag...eat them, go on, you know you want them" going on about me until I would have eaten them! Today I barely even gave them a second glance. It helps that I haven't been feeling hungry - it is true, protein DOES fill you up!
just a quick note to say well done so far! =]


Always Struggling...
Hey yo-yo!

Good luck for your first week weigh in! I'm sure the results will be good - sounds like you're doing well on CS!

Well done for not letting the nuts take control! :D

Day 7 - Friday 5th March

(didn't get chance to update this yesterday - too busy!)

1. 35g nuts

2. Mattesson's sausage, salad, mayonnaise.

3. 2 x babybel.

4. Shake.

5. 1 x babybel

6. Tuna Steak, salad, mayonnaise.

Total calories: 1106
Protein: 88.8g (32.3%)
Carbs: 40.8g (13.9%)
Fat: 65.7g (53.8%)

Figures for the week:
Carbs: 18.3%
Protein: 37.5%
Fat: 44.2%
Average of 1117 calories per day.
And First weigh in....drumroll......last week I was 14st 9lbs exactly - this week I am 14st 3.6lbs, so a loss of 5.4lbs! I'm really pleased with this as when I have been doing any 'conventional' diet I have never lost that much before.

My first mini goal is to be below 14st in two weeks time, so hopefully 2lbs per week should be a manageable goal?


Always Struggling...
Well done, yo-yo-dieter! :D

5.4 lbs is a great loss! I am sure you will be able to lose 2 lbs a week in the next couple of weeks if you carry on doing what you're doing!

I reached 12st 7 lbs for the first time in a couple of years recently and I was over the moon! My next goal is to get down to 12st and I'm hoping to lose 2 lbs a week to get there as well!

Enjoy your day :)

Love Lisa
I reached 12st 7 lbs for the first time in a couple of years recently and I was over the moon! My next goal is to get down to 12st and I'm hoping to lose 2 lbs a week to get there as well!

Enjoy your day :)

Love Lisa
Well done back atcha! You'll be down at 12st 7lbs in no time I'm sure! This is the longest I have stuck to a diet in a long while


Always Struggling...
Me too! I am in Week 6 now and can honestly say I haven't cheated at all! I'm not going to lie though - I was tempted to cheat in Week 3. But I didn't, because I know it's not worth it! Besides I wasn't hungry, I was just bored! There is no way I am throwing away my goals for a few pieces of chocolate!

I love this diet! I am hoping I have finally found "The One"!! :D

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