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Yo-Yo's 'changing habits' thread


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S: 16st2.5lb C: 15st7.4lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 37.3 Loss: 0st9.1lb(4.02%)
Hello there, I'm unhappy with my life in a lot of areas, loads of them connected to my weight (for example, don't like going out because I don't like how I look / don't like having friends round because the house is a mess). I truly am stuck in a rut and spend a lot of time eating through boredom and not cleaning up because it's boring! I also don't bother with my appearance either because I think 'what the point, you don't go anywhere, and you're invisible to other people most of the time, so why bother'.

I went to watch Take That yesterday with one of my oldest friends, and I was pouring out my heart to her (I haven't ever told anyone the above) and she just said: "You can only dig yourself out of your rut. If you don't think you are worth it, no one else will. I know it feels like a big effort, but it isn't, you just need to make that first step".

So - I've re-joined the weight loss resources website as I think Calorie Counting IS for me, and I've bought a starter pack of Alli just to give me a kick start. I'm hoping the thought of 'side effects' will give me the psychological boost not to cave into scoffing rubbish when bored. I'm not taking any today though as the Pharmacist advised a low fat diet for a couple of days prior to taking them. WLR has given me a goal date of 19th Feb next year, which is 236 days, i'll be interested to see if I can last that long.

I've been off work today so have had some nice 'me time' without the kids.

So - here's my changing habits diary. Hope you enjoy the read and join me for the ride.

Starting weight: 13st 13lbs.
Ideal weight: 10st 5lbs.
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aww I'm sorry to see you are in a rut, I know I'm young but I sometimes feel down, and I never used to tidy my room much, I used to over eat simply because the food was in the house, now ive adapted a better routine, I moved and have become more independant, although before I moved out I did a college course graphic design, I liked most of what I did, but found it a bit too stressful and often I would rush the projects just to finish them, now I have more time on my hands and have found voluntry work to occupy myself, I also realised I had too much stuff in my room so now I dont have as much stuff, but some of it is at my dads so when I move into a bigger space I will get all my stuff and more likely get rid of alot of it, I have got into a routine of cleaning, I have an onsuit which is a first because I never cleaned any bathroom before, but I have to now, because of the germs and because I live in a shared house and we have room checks, I put some music on and start cleaning once I get into it I enjoy it, i also feel proud afterwards, it took a while to do that regulary and on my own but ive got into routine, my bed room is alot better and more tidy alot of the time, also I make sure I tidy it when visitors come round, so maybe you could try and get into a good routine and make arrangements when visitors come round.

this year I'm hoping to do part time course in floristry in sept, maybe you could take up something you like, to relieve the bordom, i do still find myself bordom eat too but now I try to choose healthier things to eat like fruit and yogurt, it has taken me a long time to lose a bit of the weight and keep it off but I have found that again having a good routine to eat does help and controlling the treats has played a huge part, it wont be easy to change your lifestyle, I still feel down quite alot especially in the evenings when I cant find much on tv and when I'm alone but I do the cleaning or come on here to keep my brain active or read, or listen to audio tapes of italian which is a hobby of mine, or put music on, but sometimes I dont feel like doing any of that, so I try to think positivly, I also say a few prayers then I feel I can cope.

I noticed you also said that you dont go out because of you being overweight? well I cant really relate to this, but I'm sure once you start eating more healtheier and getting a better routine you will feel better and will want to go out, make sure you set small goals for yourself, and also take some pictures of yourself and write a message for yourself on the photograph so when you are feeling down you can remind yourself that you will change and for the better :).
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